Assess Your Own Personal Effectiveness Quotient

Take our quiz and discover where you’re most and least effective in life. We’ll follow up by sending you our email series, “Six Keys to Unlocking Personal Effectiveness in Your Life Now.”

  • SeldomSometimesOftenUsuallyAlways
    I love, respect, and accept all parts of myself unconditionally
    I am aware of how I feel, believe, and choose from moment-to-moment
    I regularly feel full of energy, zest, and vibrance in my work, family, and play
    I am 100% honest and truthful with myself and others
    I am at peace with my past traumas, wounds, and transgressions
    I forgive myself and others for ways we have harmed each other
    I feel close, connected, and relaxed in my relationships
    I know and honor my deepest values and beliefs
    My life at home and work feels fun and flowing
    I show-up in my life—being fully present, committed, and available in whatever I have chosen to do or wherever I have chosen to be
    I seldom blame others, the situation, or the past for my circumstances and challenges
    I love and enjoy my work
    I create all the abundance I want in my life
    I enjoy open, loving, and truthful communication with those who matter most to me—my family, boss, friends, and co-workers
    I easily let others see who I really am, because I regularly know and express who I really am
    I enjoy setting and attaining my goals
    I have a vision, a big dream for my life
    I approach life openly as a wonderful adventure in learning and growing
    I consistently create feelings of well-being even in the face of challenging outer circumstances
    I enjoy sex as an expression of deep love and continuing connection with my significant other
    I feel confident that I will manifest my biggest dreams—or something better
    I can accomplish what I want effectively and efficiently
    My life is a wonderful balance of being alone and connecting with others, doing and being, working and playing, family and friends, serving and relaxing
    I experience and express all of my feelings—joy, sadness, fear, anger, shame, attractions—honestly and appropriately
    I go for lasting values (examples: inner peace, self-respect, joy, self-confidence, love, fun, inner-security, abundance, learning) more than the mere chimera (examples: money, things, status)
    I do what I value and value what I do
    I am 100% present in the now—leaving the past as "done" and the future as "not yet"
    I choose to take 100% responsibility for my daily results, experience, feelings, and actions
    I believe most or all of the above is possible in my life