Wings Advisory Council

Our Wings Advisory Council is made up of graduates whose role is to advise us on everything Wings.

The council’s structure looks like a round table with 10 seats. Each seat represents an area of importance within Wings that impacts the long term health and well-being of the organization. Each seat provides leadership to a focus group made up of graduates with an interest in the specific area. These include:

  • Youth and Education
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Program and Seminar Development
  • Research and Resources
  • Graduate Engagement
  • Workforce Engagement
  • Storytelling and Outreach
  • New Markets and New Products
  • Health and Well-being
  • Individual Subject Matter Experts

We believe this structure gives us a great opportunity to harness the amazing potential, wisdom, and passion of our graduates through engagement, collaboration, and community building.

For more information, please contact Program Director Sherrie Frank at sherrie@wings-seminars.com.