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Praise from Our Attendees

I was very impressed by how much emotional and spiritual growth was achieved in such a short time. The elevation in the collective life condition of the participants was remarkable.

— Leah Stenson

The skills taught were extremely useful learning techniques of how to think, act and do. These skills provide me better tools on how to recognize appreciate and source my choices for a better life.

— Richard Bruce Murray
Hewlett Packard Employee

PES was the most enlightening experience I have had in my 36 years. I am truly grateful for the tools I learned and the experience of participating in PES. I wish I hadn’t waited for so long to take the seminar.

— Dominique Earl
Mom, Coach, Wife, Daughter

This seminar is valuable to people at all levels of spiritual awareness, awakening, or whatever you want to call it. The concepts and skills are very adaptable.

— Trudi K. Orr
Accounting Manager, Seals Unlimited Inc.

The consciousness stuff that happens afterwards is profound, and the learning helps you stay on track.

— Stacy Lewis
Partner, Sector Brands

It was incredible and life changing! Doing PES together with my new partner was really effective and helpful and bonding for us. The atmosphere created the perfect opportunity to learn about ourselves and in relationship.

— Sandy Scofield
Education Facilitator

The skills covered in PES are useful in every aspect of my life, and this is a key strength of the program. I have been spreading the word about the priceless value offered in PES. I’m in touch with myself and others again in many ways as a result of this seminar.

— Davis Patterson
Research Scientist, Battelle Memorial Institute

Looking deep within my own heart and spirit changed me. I found the me I never realized I’d lost. I opened my heart to accept the love flowing to me.

— Ann Schuessler
Author, Novelist Home


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Since 1986, more than 35,000 people have attended our personal and professional development seminars. Using our evidence-based approaches, they’ve connected with their inner wisdom and achieved the meaningful, satisfying, and effective lives they’ve always wanted.