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2017: A year of connection, growth, and gratitude

Sherrie FrankAs we move into 2018 we asked Sherrie Frank, program director for Wings Seminars, to share her reflections on the program’s growth this year. Here’s what she said.

What have been some of the highlights of 2017 for Wings and how has the program grown this year?

It is nice to take a moment to acknowledge what we’ve accomplished and the good work we’ve created this year. In April I sent an email bringing everyone up to date on our one-year anniversary as a program of La Clinica. I heard back from many of you how nice it was to connect and get current. Here’s what we’ve been up to since then:

In April, we introduced The Structure of Presence Facilitator Training Seminar, which taught participants how to facilitate in the Wings style. I love that we’ve created a program that harnesses the collective knowledge and experience of our facilitators and those facilitators who helped us develop through their mentorship. This training will continue to be expanded and taught for years to come. Our next one is in May 2018.

We also launched a Wings facilitator training program, selecting a cohort of 12 out of 27 applicants. Selecting from the pool of applicants was one of the more difficult decisions we’ve had to make this year, each person so unique and gifted. We will add more to our cohort as we grow.

In September, we filled our trip with 19 travelers to Bali! I expected the trip and Bali to be extraordinary and they were. Words cannot convey the simple grandeur of the temples, beauty, and people. What I will remember always is the kindness, generosity, and demonstrative joy our travelers shared with each other and the Balinese people. We’re going back this September! Join us!

In October we surrounded ourselves with amazing leaders and inspired emerging leaders in the Women with Wings Leadership Seminar. The combination of these leaders created a powerhouse of energy, commitment, and vision. It’s coming back next October.

La Clinica CEO Brenda Johnson listens as Sherrie speaks at the Women with Wings Leadership Seminar in Ashland in October.

And, in November we introduced an advanced weekend seminar, Grace and Gratitude. We filled it up and together explored mindfulness and building resiliency. It’s coming back the weekend before Thanksgiving next year.

What can people who want to support the growth of Wings do in the coming year?

First, I want to thank the 605 people who completed the services survey we emailed this fall. Your answers offer tremendous support as we move forward with strategic planning for the future. How can you support us on an ongoing basis? There are opportunities to serve on RUG (register, usher, and greeter) and assist teams throughout the year. Donating a lot or a little to our scholarship fund helps to remove the financial barriers many people experience in doing this work. Offers to help take down and move equipment from our hotel venues to the storage units are always welcome! And of course, sharing our Facebook posts on your wall and talking about us in social media are great helps too!

The new year is opening with Calling the Circle, a weekend seminar for women. Can you share about why you are looking forward to this seminar and what participants can expect?

Since I was a teen I have valued group work, circles, and community building. Calling the Circle is really an opportunity for women to come together to encourage and support one another—to connect, share their gifts, and empower their wisdom. I’ve learned so much through these kinds of shared experiences. I think they help us grow in wisdom and compassion. I am grateful to have an opportunity to call this circle together to connect to our deep wisdom, and inspire and empower our personal visions. I think it is the perfect way to begin a new year.

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