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Face-to-face seminars: We’re aiming for January

Taking part in CrossOver, 2016

If you live in Oregon, you know things are changing quickly around our COVID-19 restrictions. Going out and seeing smiles appear from behind masks has been surprisingly touching to me. My response has been to return a smile so big and animated I think I must look like a cartoon mouse that just spotted cheese! I am also beginning to imagine the return to in-person seminars and getting to see your smiles. This image is bringing on another cheesy grin!  

It feels so good knowing those days are, hopefully, not too far off and you may be wondering how these latest changes are affecting Wings. So, instead of writing about truth and freedom as I’d planned this month, I want to talk about what’s ahead for Wings.   

As you may know, over the past year we translated our years of experiential learning know-how into an online platform. It has been meaningful to connect and share these unprecedented times with you. It has also lightened the experience of living through a global pandemic. I am grateful we’ve been able to serve our community during this time and love hearing the positive results people are experiencing from their work in Foundations of WellBeing, Essential Practices of Equity and Agility, CrossOver Intensive, Fundamentals of WorkLife Success, Calling the Circle, NEST, and Grace and Gratitude. We will continue the good work happening in our online programs through December, and many will remain on our schedule going into 2022. Now that we’ve learned how to support learning and growth online, why stop?  

We are still planning for a January reopening of face-to-face seminars. This is dependent on the continued easing of restrictions. I believe the most important part of a challenging experience is what we do after. I can think of no better place to “unpack” and make meaning of this past year than in a Wings seminar. And since anticipation is half the fun, I think it’s time to dream about what’s next for you at Wings. I look forward to our coming together.  

Let’s begin the work to unearth what we learned and investigate how we’ve grown; let’s devote our time and attention to sift through this experience and excavate the underlying gold hidden within the fear and uncertainty we’ve been navigating.  And, at the end of the day, let’s celebrate.  

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