Adrienne Adam – January 2003 Grad

The Warrior is a Child

Adrienne AdamIt has to do with being at the right place and time both internally and externally.

I nurtured “the committee” that controlled me for more than half my life. Victim was the most outspoken of the group and her shield of anger and rage deflected most attempts by others to show her love and kindness. Fortunately, there was also a child hidden in the shadows of the towering throng – we’ll call her Hope. On occasion, Hope would jump out from behind Terror and whisper in a small quivering voice “I’m lonely and I don’t want to live like this for the rest of my life!” She fought Despair with the courage of a young warrior – showing up, even though the committee told her it would be better if she weren’t around. Years of traditional therapy accomplished very little in reducing the power of the committee.

Hope started noticing that those people she had an affinity for were mostly WINGS graduates – they felt good and she wanted what they had! Aching from loneliness, angry at the world and on her last leg Hope dragged her ever-present committee through the doors of WINGS. And the rest, I say, is history!

In PES and CrossOver I met my internal foes – at first with timidity but, with time and effort, the fierceness of a warrior. While the power of the committee diminished, courage and moments of freedom gained strength and longevity. Lifeworks gave me the markers at which to aim the arrows of my dreams, and Integrate pulled it all together so I could align my new- found values with my lifestyle.

At present, my shield is one of integrity, honesty and ownership. When I realize this shield is weakening by self-doubt and falling into the victim mode I volunteer for back-up teams for PES or CrossOver which always brings me back to center.

You see, the weakening has to do with focusing on my “self”. Whereas back-up teams give me the opportunity to “out-focus” on others. This, for me, is the source of my value. Had it not been for WINGS I’m not sure I would recognize my own capacity for unconditional love, passion and compassion. What a Gift!

Landscapes_of_the_HeartRecently, I published a book – Landscapes of the Heart – a journal. The writings contained in it reflect the best of who I am and the photographs reflect, not only the beauty of nature, but the nature of my spiritual practice as it is today. The blank pages are a place for the user to make their own journey. The intention of this book is that we create a piece of living art and history and that the collaboration of our efforts results in creative, healing energy that extends beyond the pages of the journal to the rest of the world.

Adrienne Adam

“I am a beautiful and gifted woman living in peace and harmony.”