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Chuck King: Creating a life of profound grace and gratitude

Chuck King

Chuck King

Editor’s note: Chuck King was part of the first Grace and Gratitude assist team in 2017. He found Wings in 2004 when a friend recommended it to him when he was going through a rough time. He said it changed his life, and he keeps going to seminars and doing assist teams because it keeps him in process and every time he leaves feeling renewed and hopeful. His biggest insights and growth have come during his hardest times in life. And now he says he can find gratitude in the hard times. He will be back in the seminar room again with the Grace and Gratitude coming in November.

What brought you to the Grace and Gratitude seminar? I was curious about the topic and figured this seminar would be an opportunity to explore what grace and gratitude means to me and to others. My experience with Wings seminars has resulted in positive changes in my life, and so I am very interested in new opportunities to learn and to grow in self-awareness. As an expression of my gratitude for Wings and to challenge myself to be my very best, I joined the backup team. I consider it a privilege to serve on backup teams and I’m thankful for the chance to make a contribution in this way.

What did you learn about yourself from the experience? I learned that it is important to me to be grateful for everything that sustains me; for the natural things, all blessings big and small, relationships, the interdependence of all people and things, as well as for the challenges and difficulties I face, and even for my mistakes and failures. I learned that grace is everywhere, it’s here and now and how, through daily practice, I can become more appreciative of the many ways in which grace shows up in my life. It reminded me to keep my eyes open to all the blessings around me.

What surprised you about the seminar? Well, I wasn’t so much surprised, as reminded, how a group of people who show up with open minds and hearts and intention to explore, listen, and share can create such a rich, meaningful, and growing experience.

What was your favorite part of the seminar? My favorite part of the seminar was the joy of being part of the backup team and supporting the facilitators, the backup team, and all the participants.

Learning to express gratitude is a take away for many who attend the seminar. Was this something you got and if yes how have you integrated that into your daily life? I do my best to reflect daily on the things I’m thankful for, and to practice generosity with my time, my resources, and most of all, my attention.  The greatest gifts we can give to ourselves and others is our full attention. I find that active service is a meaningful way to express my gratitude, and through service comes joy!  Also, I recognize and value the contributions of others and I let people know.

Anything else you’d like to share about your experience at Grace and Gratitude?

If you are interested in developing awareness for the grace in your life, and for new ways to express your gratitude, then this seminar is a fine place to start.

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