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Dawn Allen-Doss – December 2006 Grad

After so many years of struggling with “what do I really want to do in my life?”, I walked out of PES and knew I had found “it”.

I have been to other personal growth seminars and retreats, and have been studying this stuff for over 25 years, but the impact that you and this work had on my soul and spirit was enormously profound. I finally found the tools I’d been looking for, for so long to finally change my life and create the life I want to live. And most importantly, do the work that will bring me joy and fulfillment.

I don’t know how that will all unfold or how it will manifest, but I feel like I have put myself on “the Path”, and now I will trust the Universe to guide my way.

After 46 years on this planet, it’s amazing to open that door and be walking through it.

Thank you again for your incredible energy and support of us all. You inspired me to create great things in my life and I feel at last like I can. Kris, you are the divine inspiration for me to bring whatever gifts I have to the world and to trust that the Universe will support me in that.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
With love, gratitude and an abundance of joy,

Dawn Allen-Doss