Elyse Arbeiter

Elyse ArbeiterWhat led you to participate in Integrate?
A friend who completed Integrate a couple of years ago mentioned the renewed enthusiasm for her life that she achieved through the seminar.

Was it what you expected?
I come to Wings seminar’s with an open mind and heart; ready to learn, challenge myself, and ultimately to grow; I have yet to be disappointed. I achieved much more than I had hoped for.

What can you tell us about your Integrate experience?
The work I had completed through previous Wings Seminars, in addition to keeping myself in process by referring back to my seminar notes and goals, and my continued personal growth work, prepared me to get the very most out of Integrate. My biggest learning was to know, accept, embrace, and love all the aspects of myself – the good and what I had considered the “not so good”. I’ve finally found my authentic voice. A favorite quote of mine is, “I’d rather be whole than good.” – Carl Jung. I always believed I had to be good – Dr. Jung is right – being whole feels much better!

What are you noticing since Integrate?
A major goal that I set for myself during Integrate was to accept my fearfulness and to create courage and growth for myself. I am also accepting that I sometimes hold myself back from expressing my truth and I’m learning to first identify what it is I want, and then to speak up about it. The freedom that I am experiencing tells my heart that I am following the path to living an authentic life – this has been my greatest desire.

What would you say to those who are considering Integrate?
I would say, without reservation, to go for it! I learned things about myself that were previously unknown; Integrate helped me to shine a light in those dark places. Truth is a good thing and learning these truths about myself brought new freedom to my life. I continue to feel myself growing and getting stronger every day. There’s no turning back for me. I know I’m on the right path for my life and I enthusiastically lean forward into it.

I am a trusting, loved, authentic woman and I’m home.
–Elyse Arbeiter
Office and Business Manager
Department of Geological Science