PES Endorsements

This was a great course. Each minute was useful, informative, and effective. The change is profound, and somehow gentle at the same time. A fabulous course overall.

—Fred Moss

Upon returning from years of service in the military, including time in Iraq and other high threat areas, I was always trying to deal with all of the events I was involved in. From the obvious time in theatre to the less obvious time away from the family.

Every therapy, treatment or counseling I took part in prior to PES tried to help me “carry the load” instead of getting rid of the unnecessary load. I never could quite find my breath or inner peace without some sort of prescribed medication.

The 4 days of incredible support from the team at Wings Seminars was amazing. I never would have dreamed I could bond with and become “brothers” with people outside of the military. I can honestly say the people I was in my session with (complete strangers until then) are now people I never want to lose touch with.

I used to strive everyday just to cope with or try to find meaning in my military service; now I strive everyday to “be in service” to others in my life. Without a doubt PES is a great place for any Veteran, spouse of a Veteran or really anyone to learn how to let go of the past and live a meaningful and fulfilled life.

We invest so much in everything else and everyone else on a daily basis. Simply said, we have to give “me” something and 4 days is an incredibly small investment with an unlimited ROI.. for everyone.

—Rob Thomason

The PES is the finest training we can offer folks. I can’t think of another vendor the Forest Service as a agency has benefited more from than WINGS. I hope you all know how important the work you do is.

—John D. Berry
Forest Supervisor, Eldorado National Forest

This experience was life changing for me! I didn’t want to leave my PES family. I gained confidence in myself, a love for the woman I am presently and the tools to live a balanced, joyful life.

—Kimberly S. Anderson
Patient Care Coordinator, Family Dentistry Hawks Prairie

This has been the most incredible four days of my life. My magnificent life, I might add. My face, cheek, jaw muscles still ache from the laughter. I can’t drink enough water to replace all the tears. I’ve had a long, joyful, painful and necessary look at who I have been and the man that I AM. I am cautiously grateful for this opportunity… cautious in that I have to take care to use the insight that I’ve been given to make a positive change in my life. Grateful for having been given this chance to take ownership, and to be honest, vulnerable, and spontaneous, with myself and with those whose paths I cross.

—Bill Wagner

It’s nearly unfathomable to fully integrate my Wings experience yet, but suffice to say my path has never had so bright a lantern shone upon it. Nor have I been so certain about my future course and the true north I must point my bow towards.  … Those four days were the most transformational of my adult journey, and I’ve taken some pretty amazing journeys. “Thank you” is absurdly inadequate, you were a touchstone for me in a profoundly personal and intimate way, I look forward to living another Wings success story.

—Geoffrey Donne
Director of Theater

It wasn’t what I expected, but far more than I expected. I’m so glad that Wings exists in this world, to add a human touch and deeper meaning to life.

—Lota La Montagne
Account Supervisor, Watershed Communications

Wings changed my life!

—Sara Teno, Nurse

I learned to open my heart – What better gift?

—Avanti Centrae
Resource Manager, Hewlett Packard

The skills covered in PES are useful in every aspect of my life, and this is a key strength of the program. I have been spreading the word about the priceless value offered in PES. I’m in touch with myself and others again in many ways as a result of this seminar.

—Davis Patterson
Research Scientist, Battelle Memorial Institute