PES Endorsements

It is so very evident how much time, energy, passion, skill, deep knowledge, training, love and dedication had been put into creating and presenting this program. Wings should be a basic course for life for everyone. I am a changed man. I am exceptionally grateful to you and proud of myself.

—Steve Goldner-de Beer
Teacher/Administrator, Stanley British Primary School

The consciousness stuff that happens afterwards is profound, and the learning helps you stay on track.

—Stacy Lewis
Partner, Sector Brands

The value of the lessons learned in the PES exceeded my expectations in every way.

—Allen Friedman
File Account Manager, Spencer Fluid Power

I felt the session was amazing and gave me so much confidence that I am on the right track with my life goals.

—Lisa Greber
Training Program Manager, USDA Forest Service

I hardly know where to begin. These are the skills to transform my life into something I want to live!!

—Aidan Ross
David Heil and Associates

I feel a new energy since taking the seminar. I am having fun practicing my new tools. I am amazed at how good I feel inside. I have been liberated!

—Linda Dresser
Case Manager, State of Oregon/Department of Human Services

This seminar is valuable to people at all levels of spiritual awareness, awakening, or whatever you want to call it. The concepts and skills are very adaptable.

—Trudi K. Orr
Accounting Manager, Seals Unlimited Inc.

PES was my personal wake up call. This amazing experience woke me up to the illusions, delusions, fears and limiting beliefs that were preventing me from living my life more fully, more authentically and as more my true self. I had no idea how much fear ruled my life! As a life-long perfectionist, I truly believed I had it all ‘dialed in’. HA! PES shined a mirror on the beliefs, patterns, conventions and games I played with myself (and others!) and LIBERATED me from the shackles of ‘shoulds’, ‘musts’, ‘have tos’ and pleasing others. I left feeling more real, more raw, more connected to humanity and most of all, more connected to myself. It was the start of a life-long journey to stay present, make conscious choices that align with my true self and to realize the power of my own beliefs to create the life I want.

—Stacy Lewis

I am so impressed by how effectively and thoroughly WINGS was able to establish a wonderfully safe and bonded group. I found so much joy each day in my experience at the seminar because of such an enriching and empowering environment.

—Erin Kross
Success/Probation Coach, InsideTrack

This was a new experience for me, because I couldn’t figure out how I would apply what I was learning while in the workshop. But now that I am home, I find I apply it to everything!

—Karen Bolda
Owner/Facilitator, Tendo, LLL