PES Endorsements

This is the first model of a balanced life I have really related to – It is going to be useful in my strive for balance.

—Michael Sharp
Microsoft General Manager

PES has had a profound impact on my life… right up there with my marriage to my husband and the birth of our two daughters.

—Michelle Sanders
Emergency Room Registered Nurse, Kaiser Permanente

Mostly I am speechless, as words cannot touch the amazing experience I am now living my life from. For over 15 years, I have been in and out of many seminars, spiritual groups, “satsangs” and meditations. It wasn’t until PES that I actually am able to bring the experience of being awake to life. It was the support and tools I received in PES that reveal layers upon layers of unconscious mind patterns which were keeping me in bondage. Now the shackles have been released and I am able to live my life Awake, Present and Free. Thank you, thank you, thank you. My heart is on fire!

—Heidi Mason
Office Manager, Friends and Neighbors Realty Group

Thank you! I have been telling everyone about Wings and PES!!! Our son came to True Colors 2 days after I got back. He is a different kid now and we all can speak the same language…hooray!

—Amanda Luce
Teacher, All About Honeymoons

The unique thing that I have found in attending Wings seminars and in serving on Personal Effectiveness Seminar support teams is that the skills presented are consistently positive. They show the individual how to build on his or her existing foundation of personal skills. Individual worth is supported with honesty and compassion. For me, the seminars have taught useful, solid and cost-effective navigation skills for charting and following my own positive life course.

—Ole Helgerson

Direct and potent. I am using communication as a tool rather than an autopilot mechanism. Integrity awareness is very high. Amazing how just this has such a profound impact on my day today.

—Bonnie Bates
US Fish and Wildlife Service

The skills I learned will be invaluable for the rest of my life. My positive energy has increase 10 fold.

—Don Johnson

The things I learned have started a landslide of positive changes in my life. There is such a ripple effect. I’m excited about the possibilities for the first time in my life because I choose not to let fear rule my life anymore.

—Mary McCabe
Registrar, Tacoma Community College

It was incredible and life changing! Doing PES together with my new partner was really effective and helpful and bonding for us. The atmosphere created the perfect opportunity to learn about ourselves and in relationship.

—Sandy Scofield
Education Facilitator

I would recommend PES to all people who wish to learn more about themselves. This seminar provided me with a much more balanced and calm state of being, which translates to better relationships with my friends and family as well as with complete strangers. I was skeptical at first about the nature of the learning involved, but now after going through the process I have found that it will be instrumental in my continued learning of how to become a better person on the path of life. Five stars, A+, top notch. No doubt about it.

—Chris Albrecht