PES Endorsements

I came for guidance and found that instead I was given a foundation; a set of tools to help guide myself.

—Alie Walker

I’m thrilled I decided to attend PES as a young adult. I know I have the power to be an exceptional human being who can have a truly awesome impact in my life and world. I know the power has always been there – PES just helped me to unlock it.

—McKenna Mills
Sales, North Soles Footwear

I cannot express how free and capable I feel now. My heart is smiling. I know that I will accomplish all my dreams. I can be my authentic, happy, loving self and get whatever I want out of life. There are no limits to the possibilities of my future. I thank everyone at Wings and all the wonderful people I have become so close to. These days will forever be in my mind. The best days of my life so far!

—Grace Kelso
Decorative Painter, Artistic Living Studio

This is a great thing you do at WINGS; taking the PES as a recent college graduate really helped me to fully appreciate the power I have in my life and to recognize the beauty I can create every single day if I choose to do so!

—Erica Palmer
Hostess, Glenwood Restaurant

Thank you for contributing to society in such a beautiful way! You have empowered so many people to change their lives! I love the new tools and thought processes to use every minute of every day!

—Sarah Zachem
Registered Nurse

These are life skills, to be applied daily, in every interaction with self and others. PES was a life changing, eye-opening experience. Quite profound. And the “high” at the end of the retreat – the best ever. I look forward to doing my work, growing, and returning for more.

—Ruth Williamson
Community Activist, Volunteer, Mother

Looking deep within my own heart and spirit changed me. I found the me I never realized I’d lost. I opened my heart to accept the love flowing to me.

—Ann Schuessler
Author, Novelist Home

The PES is the finest training we can offer folks. I can’t think of another vendor the Forest Service as a agency has benefited more from than WINGS. I hope you all know how important the work you do is.

—John D. Berry
Forest Supervisor, Eldorado National Forest

This experience was life changing for me! I didn’t want to leave my PES family. I gained confidence in myself, a love for the woman I am presently and the tools to live a balanced, joyful life.

—Kimberly S. Anderson
Patient Care Coordinator, Family Dentistry Hawks Prairie

This has been the most incredible four days of my life. My magnificent life, I might add. My face, cheek, jaw muscles still ache from the laughter. I can’t drink enough water to replace all the tears. I’ve had a long, joyful, painful and necessary look at who I have been and the man that I AM. I am cautiously grateful for this opportunity… cautious in that I have to take care to use the insight that I’ve been given to make a positive change in my life. Grateful for having been given this chance to take ownership, and to be honest, vulnerable, and spontaneous, with myself and with those whose paths I cross.

—Bill Wagner