PES Endorsements

This seminar triggered the greatness that I always knew resided in me. It is now that my life truly begins.

—Gary Burris
National Sales Manager and Public Relations, Tec Laboratories

The skills taught were extremely useful learning techniques of how to think, act and do. These skills provide me better tools on how to recognize appreciate and source my choices for a better life.

—Richard Bruce Murray
Hewlett Packard Employee

I am so impressed with the creativity, organization, planning and the foundational knowledge–resulting in personal breakthrough and overall experimental benefits.

—Norma Landy

I had the time of my life!

—Dede Gentry

I started day one very skeptical. I would tell anyone that does the PES to come with an open mind and participate fully from the very beginning. Don’t waste a minute of the experience being skeptical.

—Suzi White
Agent, Coldwell Banker

Everything that you taught appeared to be common sense. It is quite a surprise to realize that I have not been following them effectively for most of my life. You taught them in such a complete, systematic and powerful way that I will practice them to live a happier life from now on. Thank you.

—Steve Zhang
Engineer, Hewlett Packard

I was very impressed by how much emotional and spiritual growth was achieved in such a short time. The elevation in the collective life condition of the participants was remarkable.

—Leah Stenson

I entered the first day skeptical about what the group could do for me or how I could relate. I left amazed at the contribution they made to my experience. The courage and openness they demonstrated was inspiring. It was a great investment of my time.

—George Kolln
Director of Financial Reporting, Mentor Graphics

Anyone and everyone could use these skills to understand themselves better and start living the life that feels right for them. I wish EVERYONE would sign up!

—Heather King
Registered Dietitian, Seattle Indian Health Board

PES was a life changing experience that helped reconnect me to myself and in turn with those close to me.

—Napili Gaston
Stylist, Salon Isabella