PES Endorsements

PES is akin to winning the lottery! I feel blessed that I finally said YES!

—Cindy Carrere
Co-Owner, Cinderella Lucinda

I can’t think of any organization or institution that wouldn’t benefit from a seminar like this – it was phenomenal.

—Christie Yox
Waitress, Symeon's Greek Restaurant

I very much enjoyed the experience. The days flew by. I’ve been blessed with a very good life so far and Wings has taken me to a new level. You have helped me put a handle on intuition and why things happen to me, both good and bad… Thank you!

—Tom Pepple
Owner/President, Retail Profit Systems, Inc.

My My! What a joyful and soulful 4 days. Thank you so much.

—Margo Eliescu

Yes! Amazing was the whole experience! I can’t and will not stop smiling!

—Sheila Hubbard
Corrections Deputy

We’ve attended dozens of seminars from great companies like Fred Prior, National Seminars Group, and Career Track and generally have been pleased with the results. We have a tradition to “cement the learning”: the staff member who has attended shares a synopsis of what they learned at a company meeting, and then they rate the seminar on a scale from 1 to 10. Scores typically range from about 4 to 9.

In November 2003 I attended PES and returned with a raving report. With a little encouragement I convinced two brave souls to attend PES, and the results were amazing. I asked for feedback and a score and heard a resounding, “Spectacular!…10, or 13… off the chart!” Our entire staff has since completed or is currently completing all Wings’ core seminars. Work satisfaction and synergy between our team members is better than I ever imagined possible, and productivity has skyrocketed.

—Todd Grannis
CEO, visp.net

So relevant to living the quality of life I want and desire to create! Fabulous experience–truly exceeded all my goals.

—Carol Zosel
Assistant Principal, Portland Public Schools

The skills taught in the PES were presented in such a personal way as to be understood by everyone. All of the skills are extremely useful to becoming a more effective person.

—Raymond Blalock
Interior Space Director

Living in the now, taking risks, and being who I really am are all a part of life since attending PES.

—Michelle Martin
Country Club of Mobile

One of the most comprehensive, focused well thought out programs I have experienced.

—Tiki Harris