PES Endorsements

Direct and potent. I am using communication as a tool rather than an autopilot mechanism. Integrity awareness is very high. Amazing how just this has such a profound impact on my day today.

—Bonnie Bates
US Fish and Wildlife Service

The skills I learned will be invaluable for the rest of my life. My positive energy has increase 10 fold.

—Don Johnson

The things I learned have started a landslide of positive changes in my life. There is such a ripple effect. I’m excited about the possibilities for the first time in my life because I choose not to let fear rule my life anymore.

—Mary McCabe
Registrar, Tacoma Community College

It was incredible and life changing! Doing PES together with my new partner was really effective and helpful and bonding for us. The atmosphere created the perfect opportunity to learn about ourselves and in relationship.

—Sandy Scofield
Education Facilitator