WINGS Endorsements

What Wings has meant to me. Transformation and change! In PES, I cleared my past. In Crossover, I found out who I am beneath all the layers of story. In LifeWorks, I have found my vision and inner strength. It has been profound. I am so grateful.

—Michael Naumes
Teacher, Southern Oregon University

The skills I’ve learned have helped me personally and professionally.  The work I’ve done at Wings assisted me to bring back what I have always aspired to be.

—Danette Moss
Medical Scheduling Coordinator

I came for guidance and found that instead I was given a foundation; a set of tools to help guide myself.

—Alie Walker

I feel like I was loved and respected, that I was given the space, guidance and encouragement to grow and find what I needed to find for myself at this time to assist me in living a more balanced life. YES!

—Jan Pfennig

There were a lot of ah-has! A lot of what I had learned in PES and Crossover came together and made even more sense. The Awareness Wheel is such and incredible tool!

—Lori Veo
Dispatch Center Manager

I am continually amazed at how powerful the seminars at Wings have been for me. The manner in which skills for living a happier and more fulfilling life are delivered cannot be compared to anything else I have ever experienced either through books, counseling, or other seminars. What I experience at Wings is truly, love in action. Thank you.

—Belinda Covarrubias

Yes! Amazing was the whole experience! I can’t and will not stop smiling!

—Sheila Hubbard

It assisted me to go below the surface – to feel what I wanted to feel rather than just think what I wanted to think. I came away being much more real – with myself and others.

—Chuck Ellington

Emotional – heartfelt – enlightening experience of learning and growth of myself.

—Alice Jacobson
Records Clerk

I am and have been a practicing acupuncturist for many years. It is important to me to bring both integrity and intention to my healing work. My participation in the seminars offered by Wings has brought a new facet not only my professional life, but also to my private life. The tools taught have allowed me to create more genuine communication with my clients, colleagues and professional contacts within my business life. There has been a noticeable increase in my presence, my intention as a health care giver, and confidence as a speaker. There is an expansion of trustworthiness and validity which clients and business contacts have noticed and commented on. On a personal level, I have found a revived sense of self worth, honesty with myself, and new found endurance. Action has taken the place of procrastination. I have accessed new areas of my life which are now full of possibilities, empowerment and wonder. The Wings seminar’s have assisted me in being a more transparent, consistent and compassionate human being. I value all the tools I have been made aware of through these seminars and use them in all walks of my life. I highly recommend Wings Seminars to all my colleagues within the health fields as well as friends and family. Thank you Wings.

—David Filipello, L.Ac.
Canyon Acupuncture