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WINGS Endorsements

‘Heart opening’ is the only way to describe the experience. The connections I made with people over four days will last a lifetime. I am setting my positive intentions on crossing paths with them in the future.

—Karen Sedlacek

Invigorating, strengthening, enlightening! I had no idea what to expect, but now that I’ve experienced it, I realize it’s the best gift I’ve given myself. It has set me on a path to continue to love myself more as I explore the strong person inside that I’ve rediscovered.

—Department Support Supervisor

My experience at this seminar has been gentle and loving. An opening of my heart and mind. Emotionally rewarding and highly positive.

—Jose Ruiz
Production Assistant (print shop)

Transformative. The experience pushed me out of my comfort zone and caused a breakthrough from being stuck.

—Sue Hawkins
Claims Examiner III

What Wings has meant to me. Transformation and change! In PES, I cleared my past. In Crossover, I found out who I am beneath all the layers of story. In LifeWorks, I have found my vision and inner strength. It has been profound. I am so grateful.

—Michael Naumes
Teacher, Southern Oregon University

The skills I’ve learned have helped me personally and professionally.  The work I’ve done at Wings assisted me to bring back what I have always aspired to be.

—Danette Moss
Medical Scheduling Coordinator

I feel this wonderfully strange feeling of having totally changed while remaining the same. I have met a person I love dearly (myself) and have started the process of showing up as myself in the world. I feel wonderful.

—Rosemary Grabowiecki

I truly believe this has changed my life. I already view my past differently which affects how I view my future. It’s like switching from Black and White TV to HDTV with Surround Sound.

—Dan Delany
Fish Biologist

Everything was useful. The seminar series was perhaps the most meaningful learning experience I have taken part in.

—John Kwiecinski

The skills taught are critical to success in relationships of all types (work and personal). Processes to teach these skills are cutting edge and beyond any I have experienced in any other seminars–bar none.

—Dan Luce