WINGS Endorsements

What Wings has meant to me. Transformation and change! In PES, I cleared my past. In Crossover, I found out who I am beneath all the layers of story. In LifeWorks, I have found my vision and inner strength. It has been profound. I am so grateful.

—Michael Naumes
Teacher, Southern Oregon University

The skills I’ve learned have helped me personally and professionally.  The work I’ve done at Wings assisted me to bring back what I have always aspired to be.

—Danette Moss
Medical Scheduling Coordinator

Beyond my expectations – I had many major shifts in my perspective – my body feels physically different, I feel more in balance, greater ease, fully alive.

—Carol Zancanella

I truly believe this has changed my life. I already view my past differently which affects how I view my future. It’s like switching from Black and White TV to HDTV with Surround Sound.

—Dan Delany
Fish Biologist

I use the information I learned every day and every day I am thankful to have the tools to communicate effectively and the knowledge of choice.

—Melissa Born
Horse Riding Stable Owner

I have been searching for who the real me is and now know I was there all along. Fear kept me trapped, stuck. Now I know I am wonderful, worthy, and deserving of all that I want in my life.

—Tarie Crawford

I walked into the seminar open and wanting tools. I walked out a completely different individual. I dropped a lot of ‘major old patterns’… I chose new ones. I’m keeping them- they are real- I feel alive! Thanks!

—Bob Sinclair
Retired Pilot

I learned multiple techniques for living my life with greater joy and peace on a daily basis.

—Liz Vennos

I came for guidance and found that instead I was given a foundation; a set of tools to help guide myself.

—Alie Walker

I feel like I was loved and respected, that I was given the space, guidance and encouragement to grow and find what I needed to find for myself at this time to assist me in living a more balanced life. YES!

—Jan Pfennig