WINGS Endorsements

‘I AM’ now using tools and techniques to make every day the best. I am no longer concerned with what I have no control over and am building relationships through love and understanding.

—T Mike Anderson

I had the time of my life!

—Dede Gentry

I truly feel going to Wings was the single most awesome thing I have ever done for myself.

—Patty Henvy

The skills and knowledge that I have gained became a part of who I am as a person. I realized how much I am making a difference for myself and others by using these skills and living at source. My experience was amazing.

—Emily Norris Teacher

The perspective with which I view my life has completely changed. I’m finding joy in almost everything I do.

—Marty Weeks

I can use these skills (and practice them) in all areas of my life. They are skills that cause profound transformation in how I interact with others, with myself; how I live my life.

—Bruni Davila

Excellent exploration of daily living issues, development of strategies in which to embrace them and make them an ally. Also a great process for stepping back from the rush of daily life and creating focus as to one’s purpose and vision for life.

—Patrick Sullivan
Info Technology Director

Wow, I wish everyone could do these seminars, the world would be a better place.

—Erin Dailey

I’ve been to lots of seminars and trainings over the years. Wings has been, and remains, the absolute best when it comes to maximum impact for the time and money spent. Amazing processes and facilitators.

—Heidi Reeder

I am enjoying the safe, relaxed, and fun environment that was quickly created. The information provided is excellent to put into practical use and the skill building exercises allow me to try things out and get useful feedback.

—Chip Cornwell