WINGS Endorsements

This was the most amazing weekend… I knew the lingo and the content, but the way it was presented made it really resonate with me. I feel so alive and ready to start my life!

—Caroline Croft

It was the most profitable five days I have ever spent.

—Bryan McNutt
Nurse Practitioner

My experience has been tremendous. I came wanting to give 110% and not only did I do that and more yet, I received a gazillion in return. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to allow myself to be me.

—Amber Long
Women's Retreat

Looking deep within my own heart and spirit changed me. I found the me I never realized I’d lost. I opened my heart to accept the love flowing to me.

—Ann Schuessler

The skills taught are critical to success in relationships of all types (work and personal). Processes to teach these skills are cutting edge and beyond any I have experienced in any other seminars–bar none.

—Dan Luce

WOW – you think you know… then I experienced CrossOver. Now I want to know all that my life has to offer and all I have to offer life – Impactful.

—René Anderson Mason

Wings has been the best use of money I have ever spent on anything for myself.

—Teresa Schultz

Everything was useful. The seminar series was perhaps the most meaningful learning experience I have taken part in.

—John Kwiecinski

More than I even imagined it could have been. Giving myself permission to relax, let go and further create the life I want to live.

—Lois Tate
Women's Retreat

I hardly know where to begin. These are the skills to transform my life into something I want to live!!

—Aidan Ross