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WINGS Endorsements

It was the most profitable five days I have ever spent.

—Bryan McNutt
Nurse Practitioner

I have zero doubt that if I utilize the tools I have received, my life will be forever changed and I will reach my fullest potential.

—Nance Reeves
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

This seminar was a powerful affirmation of myself. The models were very insightful, as were the various exercises. It’s honest to say my life has been transformed.

—Stephanie Greene
Plant Geneticist

Challenging, thought and action provoking. It’s been over a month since I attended and I am still taking in the experience, and making changes in my life.

—Holly Badger
Therapeutic Recreation Specialist

It assisted me to go below the surface – to feel what I wanted to feel rather than just think what I wanted to think. I came away being much more real – with myself and others.

—Chuck Ellington

I feel like I was loved and respected, that I was given the space, guidance and encouragement to grow and find what I needed to find for myself at this time to assist me in living a more balanced life. YES!

—Jan Pfennig

I walked into the seminar open and wanting tools. I walked out a completely different individual. I dropped a lot of ‘major old patterns’… I chose new ones. I’m keeping them- they are real- I feel alive! Thanks!

—Bob Sinclair
Retired Pilot

I am grateful for what I’ve done for myself with your guidance. I love Wings!

—Chad DuPont

‘I AM’ now using tools and techniques to make every day the best. I am no longer concerned with what I have no control over and am building relationships through love and understanding.

—T Mike Anderson

The skills and knowledge that I have gained became a part of who I am as a person. I realized how much I am making a difference for myself and others by using these skills and living at source. My experience was amazing.

—Emily Norris Teacher