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WINGS Endorsements

Excellent exploration of daily living issues, development of strategies in which to embrace them and make them an ally. Also a great process for stepping back from the rush of daily life and creating focus as to one’s purpose and vision for life.

—Patrick Sullivan
Info Technology Director

I am enjoying the safe, relaxed, and fun environment that was quickly created. The information provided is excellent to put into practical use and the skill building exercises allow me to try things out and get useful feedback.

—Chip Cornwell

Wings is the ‘real thing’.

—Daniel Patterson
Land Surveyor

I use the information I learned every day and every day I am thankful to have the tools to communicate effectively and the knowledge of choice.

—Melissa Born
Horse Riding Stable Owner

I learned multiple techniques for living my life with greater joy and peace on a daily basis.

—Liz Vennos

There were a lot of ah-has! A lot of what I had learned in PES and Crossover came together and made even more sense. The Awareness Wheel is such and incredible tool!

—Lori Veo
Dispatch Center Manager

Emotional – heartfelt – enlightening experience of learning and growth of myself.

—Alice Jacobson
Records Clerk

Thought provoking and growth enhancing – and best of all, I feel energized and excited about taking my learning out in the world.

—Vicki Cockrell
Interior Designer

Overwhelming. What went on in the seminar is the total opposite of how I’ve lived my life – so it’s overwhelming to come to form and create connection.

—Karla Holzerland

I have been searching for who the real me is and now know I was there all along. Fear kept me trapped, stuck. Now I know I am wonderful, worthy, and deserving of all that I want in my life.

—Tarie Crawford