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WINGS Endorsements

I am and have been a practicing acupuncturist for many years. It is important to me to bring both integrity and intention to my healing work. My participation in the seminars offered by Wings has brought a new facet not only my professional life, but also to my private life. The tools taught have allowed me to create more genuine communication with my clients, colleagues and professional contacts within my business life. There has been a noticeable increase in my presence, my intention as a health care giver, and confidence as a speaker. There is an expansion of trustworthiness and validity which clients and business contacts have noticed and commented on. On a personal level, I have found a revived sense of self worth, honesty with myself, and new found endurance. Action has taken the place of procrastination. I have accessed new areas of my life which are now full of possibilities, empowerment and wonder. The Wings seminar’s have assisted me in being a more transparent, consistent and compassionate human being. I value all the tools I have been made aware of through these seminars and use them in all walks of my life. I highly recommend Wings Seminars to all my colleagues within the health fields as well as friends and family. Thank you Wings.

—David Filipello, L.Ac.
Canyon Acupuncture

Since attending Wings, I have felt more confident in myself. It is amazing to see the change. I am walking around with my head high and I know what I want for my life. I have never felt so calm in my life.

—Jennifer George

What a wonderful service to people. Never in my life have I seen such transformations.

—David Bettencourt

I am so impressed by how effectively and thoroughly WINGS was able to establish a wonderfully safe and bonded group. I found so much joy each day in my experience at the seminar because of such an enriching and empowering environment.

—Erin Kross

My experience has been tremendous. I came wanting to give 110% and not only did I do that and more yet, I received a gazillion in return. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to allow myself to be me.

—Amber Long
Women's Retreat

WOW – you think you know… then I experienced CrossOver. Now I want to know all that my life has to offer and all I have to offer life – Impactful.

—René Anderson Mason

More than I even imagined it could have been. Giving myself permission to relax, let go and further create the life I want to live.

—Lois Tate
Women's Retreat

I truly believe that WINGS has moved into a niche no one else offers. It is a niche that balances factual information (important to me as a scientist) and deep human compassion (important to me as a human)…. I was, and remain, inspired. Thank you.

—John Fentress

I had the time of my life!

—Dede Gentry

The perspective with which I view my life has completely changed. I’m finding joy in almost everything I do.

—Marty Weeks