WINGS Endorsements

Wow, I wish everyone could do these seminars, the world would be a better place.

—Erin Dailey

I’ve been to lots of seminars and trainings over the years. Wings has been, and remains, the absolute best when it comes to maximum impact for the time and money spent. Amazing processes and facilitators.

—Heidi Reeder

I am enjoying the safe, relaxed, and fun environment that was quickly created. The information provided is excellent to put into practical use and the skill building exercises allow me to try things out and get useful feedback.

—Chip Cornwell

I loved the seminar. I got back in touch with parts of myself I either took for granted or didn’t know existed. It also put me on a success track. I am very happy.

—Nina Leuck

I am grateful for what I’ve done for myself with your guidance. I love Wings!

—Chad DuPont

Wings is the ‘real thing’.

—Daniel Patterson
Land Surveyor

Beyond my expectations – I had many major shifts in my perspective – my body feels physically different, I feel more in balance, greater ease, fully alive.

—Carol Zancanella

I truly believe this has changed my life. I already view my past differently which affects how I view my future. It’s like switching from Black and White TV to HDTV with Surround Sound.

—Dan Delany
Fish Biologist

I use the information I learned every day and every day I am thankful to have the tools to communicate effectively and the knowledge of choice.

—Melissa Born
Horse Riding Stable Owner

I have been searching for who the real me is and now know I was there all along. Fear kept me trapped, stuck. Now I know I am wonderful, worthy, and deserving of all that I want in my life.

—Tarie Crawford