WINGS Endorsements

This seminar was a powerful affirmation of myself. The models were very insightful, as were the various exercises. It’s honest to say my life has been transformed.

—Stephanie Greene
Plant Geneticist

Overwhelming. What went on in the seminar is the total opposite of how I’ve lived my life – so it’s overwhelming to come to form and create connection.

—Karla Holzerland

What a wonderful service to people. Never in my life have I seen such transformations.

—David Bettencourt

I hope everyone I know ends up here. I will certainly encourage it. This seminar was exactly what I was looking for, and I really wasn’t aware I was looking!

—Amy Scarborough

I have zero doubt that if I utilize the tools I have received, my life will be forever changed and I will reach my fullest potential.

—Nance Reeves
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

I am so impressed by how effectively and thoroughly WINGS was able to establish a wonderfully safe and bonded group. I found so much joy each day in my experience at the seminar because of such an enriching and empowering environment.

—Erin Kross

This was the most amazing weekend… I knew the lingo and the content, but the way it was presented made it really resonate with me. I feel so alive and ready to start my life!

—Caroline Croft

It was the most profitable five days I have ever spent.

—Bryan McNutt
Nurse Practitioner

My experience has been tremendous. I came wanting to give 110% and not only did I do that and more yet, I received a gazillion in return. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to allow myself to be me.

—Amber Long
Women's Retreat

Looking deep within my own heart and spirit changed me. I found the me I never realized I’d lost. I opened my heart to accept the love flowing to me.

—Ann Schuessler