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WINGS Endorsements

Wow, I wish everyone could do these seminars, the world would be a better place.

—Erin Dailey

I loved the seminar. I got back in touch with parts of myself I either took for granted or didn’t know existed. It also put me on a success track. I am very happy.

—Nina Leuck

Beyond my expectations – I had many major shifts in my perspective – my body feels physically different, I feel more in balance, greater ease, fully alive.

—Carol Zancanella

I am continually amazed at how powerful the seminars at Wings have been for me. The manner in which skills for living a happier and more fulfilling life are delivered cannot be compared to anything else I have ever experienced either through books, counseling, or other seminars. What I experience at Wings is truly, love in action. Thank you.

—Belinda Covarrubias

I came for guidance and found that instead I was given a foundation; a set of tools to help guide myself.

—Alie Walker

Yes! Amazing was the whole experience! I can’t and will not stop smiling!

—Sheila Hubbard

I entered the first day skeptical about what the group could do for me or how I could relate. I left amazed at the contribution they made to my experience. The courage and openness they demonstrated was inspiring. It was a great investment of my time.

—George Kolln

Wings changed my life!

—Sara Tano

I hope everyone I know ends up here. I will certainly encourage it. This seminar was exactly what I was looking for, and I really wasn’t aware I was looking!

—Amy Scarborough

This was the most amazing weekend… I knew the lingo and the content, but the way it was presented made it really resonate with me. I feel so alive and ready to start my life!

—Caroline Croft