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Foundations of True Colors

“It was when I stopped searching for home within others

and lifted the foundations of home within myself

I found there were no roots more intimate

 than those between a mind and body

that have decided to be whole.”

— Rupi Kaur

Now, more than ever, we feel the importance of bringing youth together to engage in honest conversations and compassionate self-reflection. In the Foundations of True Colors online seminar, facilitators meet youth ages 14 to 18 where they are and support them in creating a learning community based in equity, respect, and love.


Over the two and half days participants are invited into a brave space to:

  • Work together through processes and practice sessions
  • Be guided in self-exploration and emerging awareness
  • Engage in group reflections and discussions
  • Participate in creative exercises for exploring authenticity


Participants learn how to:

  • Have honest and accountable conversations with themselves and others
  • Be resilient when dealing with change, loss, and difficult emotions
  • Navigate life’s inherent challenges, changes, and setbacks
  • Know and be their authentic self
  • Create a sense of belonging in the world

This seminar is the prerequisite for a follow-up six-week program, Living with True Colors, where grads are supported as they integrate the skills and new awareness from their work in the Foundation of True Color online seminar. 

Upcoming Seminar Dates:

Dates Location Tuition Register
May 21-23, 2021Online$250Register Now
Dates subject to change

Foundations of True Colors Hours:

Seminar Hours:
Friday 6pm-9pm, 5:45pm check-in begins
Saturday and Sunday, 10am-4pm, 9:45am check-in begins
Ending times are approximate.

Seminar Details:

2.5 Day Program
Tuition: $250
Prerequisite: None