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Foundations of WellBeing

Everyone experiences moments of self-doubt; we do things we don’t want to do, become reactive, or behave inauthentically. Too many of these moments and our lives begin to feel hard or confusing, which leads to more self-doubt and we are looped back into the pattern once more. Over time, the long-term stress of these experiences can negatively impact our well-being and how we feel about ourselves and life in general.

We developed the Foundations of WellBeing online seminar to introduce you to four cornerstones that lead to life-long well-being.

Create greater awareness of the primary motivations that keep us in reactive or reoccurring patterns.

Learn tools and skills to:

  • Help you stay resourceful and responsive when you feel uncertain of what to do or say
  • Get clear and trust your choices
  • Keep your commitments to yourself and be present in your life
  • Connect authentically with yourself and others
  • Let go and have fun

Upcoming Seminar Dates:

Dates Location Tuition Register
Oct 16-17, 2020Online$140* limited time offerRegister Now
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Nov 6-7, 2020Online$140* limited time offerRegister Now
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Dec 4-5, 2020Online$140* limited time offerRegister Now
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Dates subject to change

Foundations of WellBeing Hours:

Seminar Hours:
9 a.m. – 5 p.m. PST, with lunch and breaks
Ending times are approximate.

Seminar Details:

2 Day Program
Tuition: $250 We offer payment plans. Learn more.
Prerequisite: None