From the seminar room: Tyler Scott, core series and more

Periodically we’ll ask seminar graduates to tell us about their experiences in the seminar room. Southern Oregon resident Tyler Scott shares about his journey through the core series and Authentic Leader: 

Southern Oregon resident, Tyler Scott

“I had almost no intrinsic desire to attend my first Wings seminar. I was asked to go by my boss’s boss and thus it was my deep need for external validation and institutional recognition that supplied the impetus to attend WellBeing nearly five years ago.”  

“It was there, in that room full of strangers–for four incredibly bizarre, enlightening, awkward, revealing, exhausting, and empowering days–that the first dominos fell in what would ultimately lead to a profound change in the way I view myself and my place in the world.  

“Five years later I have willingly completed the core series (WellBeing, CrossOver, and LifeWorks) as well as Authentic Leader. The impact is a paradigm shift in how I show up for myself and for those I encounter, in both my personal and professional life. Unburdened by a gripping drive to be right—winning at the cost of the connection and relationship—I am enjoying the experience of finding my value through what can be collaboratively built and jointly discovered. Liberated from the shame-based narratives that for too long sequestered my authentic self, I am free to live my truth and enjoy the fruits of an intentional life.  

“Wings doesn’t solve my problems or change my perceptions; it gives me the motivation to take them on and the tools to do the work I didn’t realize I had been putting off. My experiences in the seminars have usually been draining, occasionally demanding, and rarely comfortable. It is in that uniquely kindled refiners fire that I begin to burn away the facades I have unknowingly crafted to reveal the genuinely glorious person I have always been. I am grateful for my experiences there and look forward to more as I continue my journey.” 

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