From the Zoom room: attending Refresh and Connect group

Editor’s note: Periodically we ask seminar graduates to tell us about their experiences in the seminar room. This time, we did a question-and-answer session with Southern Oregon resident Natalie Simrell about attending our monthly Refresh and Connect group for graduates of our WellBeing (formerly PES) or True Colors seminars. If you’re a graduate, join our Wings Seminars – Global Community Facebook group and see events posted for future Refresh and Connect sessions:

Natalie Simrell

Natalie, how did you first find out about the group?

I first found about Wings Refresh and Connect group a few years back. I was attending LifeWorks in 2015/16 when I first heard about the group. It sounded interesting and it would be a way that I could keep in practice and stay refreshed. It took awhile for me to engage, since–you know, feelings and such, and vulnerability is my undeveloped cornerstone. 

How long have you been attending?

I have been attending consistently for about two years now. 

Why do you choose to attend?

I really enjoy connecting with people especially in these COVID times. I also enjoy the work, and I like the structure of it now. The facilitator, Cassie Trujillo, is great. She coaches and teaches everyone in the class, I always leave with a positive feeling and something to work on and think about for the month.

What would you tell someone who has been thinking about attending, and never has?

Come on in – it’s great! And what a great learning environment. It’s an open and welcoming environment and very easy to drop in and learn something about yourself. It’s also a great way to keep practicing the tools, and learning.

What has the experience been like during the pandemic?

It has switched from in-person to zoom meetings. I personally like the in-person; however, there have been some folks who have joined from outside the area who would have not been able to join otherwise. It is great to see everyone and learn from each other at the same time.

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