From the Zoom Seminar Room: Laura Bridges on La Clinica, Wings, and the Well-Being Connection

Editor’s note: Periodically we ask seminar graduates to tell us about their experiences in the seminar room. La Clinica Director of Behavioral Health Laura Bridges shares about La Clinica, Wings, and her experience in the InSight 1 seminar:

Laura Bridges

What I love about La Clinica is the dedication and drive we have to assist the people we serve to improve their quality of life. As a healthcare organization, we work with people to improve their health and well-being, and we recognize that “health and well-being” is complex and so much broader than what many think about when it comes to healthcare. At La Clinica, we use the wellness wheel as our framework for how we think about wellness. This wheel is composed of seven different areas, all important to our own well-being and we strive to assist people to reflect and grow in each of these areas with a goal of them living their best life. These areas of wellness are: physical, emotional, spiritual, social, environmental, financial, and intellectual. To learn more about our wellness wheel, click here.     

Wings Seminars is a vital part of our effort at La Clinica to promote wellness in our southern Oregon community and beyond. We see Wings as part of our continuum of healthcare offering opportunities for people to learn new ways to consciously make choices that assist them in leading healthier lives. I see Wings as a powerful tool for us all to: learn ways to improve how we relate to our own self and others in the world, build our self-awareness, develop our resilience, hone our communication skills, clarify our values, and practice how we relate and show up authentically with people in our world that we care about—personally and professionally. Doing this work is hard and I believe that when we grow and stretch ourselves to develop these skills, our overall well-being improves.

I am excited about this work and developing ways we can create access for people ready to dive into their own personal growth, and assist people to broaden their view on ways they can take steps to make changes in their lives that can improve their overall well-being. I recently completed the Insight 1 seminar giving me the opportunity to experience firsthand what I’m talking about here. In my learning I explored how I connect with others, developed sensory awareness of my experiences, practiced outcome thinking skills to get clear on what I want, and applied skills to help me create more choices in moments when I realize, “What I’m doing isn’t working for me.” These were all powerful reminders of what I can do to impact change in my life. I’m feeling hopeful for where I’ll go next!

I hope each of you are finding ways to stay connected to those you love and finding opportunities to stretch and practice skills you’ve learned that help you show up how you want to in your world.

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