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Gilda Montenegro-Fix: a valuable experience in the seminar room

Gilda Montenegro-Fix

Gilda Montenegro-Fix

Editor’s note: Wings in the World is a monthly blog, and this month’s is by Gilda Montenegro-Fix. Gilda’s first experience with Wings came when she was offered a scholarship to attend our inaugural Women with Wings Leadership Seminar in October. We asked her to write a blog about her experience there, and she has done so below. What else should you know about Gilda? She represented Costa Rica in two Olympic games, Barcelona ’92 and Atlanta ’96, in the sport of whitewater slalom kayak. She was the only woman from all of Latin America to compete in this discipline.

My name is Gilda Montenegro-Fix. I am a Costa Rican woman, a wife, a mother, and an entrepreneur who passionately believes in the good of people. My business, Celebrate Diversity!, offers consultancy and training in cultural agility and serves organizations in many sectors: education, social services, health, law enforcement, and corporations. I am also involved in various groups and coalitions that provide services to the community, and I have now lived in Southern Oregon for seven years.

This last October, I had the opportunity via scholarship to attend the Women with Wings Leadership Seminar, and it was a powerful affirmation of the work I am doing and where I am at in my journey both professionally and personally.

I have had formal and experiential training in leadership before, so I came to this with clear expectations and high hopes and—I was not disappointed! So many things were valuable from this experience: being with 50 other amazing women, learning with and from fabulous presenters, and the embodying exercises and other activities that provided a way to anchor the tools and strategies we were learning.

And my favorite gift, which matched my intention, was to walk away with my own clear personal leadership vision as an effective and inspired leader. I now have a statement that can ground my many wishes and intentions for channeling all that I am into what I do. That to me is so very valuable because it is something I can go back to when I need it, such as in making decisions if I’m feeling unclear about my role in something or about how I can deal with any challenge that may arise. It is my guiding star AND it can and will evolve as I do. We are all works of art in the making, beautiful expressions of life ever manifesting and become more of who we truly are. And we get to take this exciting and exhilarating ride together; we get to support each other and learn from each other.

Finally, I want to mention something I really appreciated as a facilitator, trainer, and leader: the “behind the scenes” or “lifting the veil” concepts shared. I was totally there, soaking up every morsel of wisdom that was offered, recognizing the skills of our facilitators, expanding my repertoire, always learning, so very grateful! The space created was full of possibility to take what was useful to each participant. I know I am in good company when I say: Thank you!  to the staff and helpers who facilitated this wonderful experience for all of us.

And just in case you are curious as to what my statement is, I will share it with you here:

When I lead I follow my heart and lead in my own unique way
I am powerful and authentic
I create clarity and bring JOY
I stand in my truth with courage and conviction
And I deeply trust in the good of ALL

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