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Guido Bondioli – Wings Grad

Guido BondioliFor many years I volunteered as an Assist Team member for Wings Seminars. In 2005, as an Assist Team volunteer, I began to take an active part in marketing the seminars. Marketing had been something I avoided for twenty years. When I finally made my decision and signed up for a marketing role I thought I might learn something. And I did.

I noticed that many people who serve Wings as assist team members seem shy about suggesting to a participant that a great way to stay in process is to move to the next level.

There are many other similar products. Why Wings? In my experience with two other personal development programs and Wings Seminars, I have found Wings Seminars are efficient. Wings Seminars have impact. I can see that Wings Seminars are really very good deal when you compare benefits vs. time/money spent. So, I swallow my timidity. I want it to be easy for participants to make a decision. I want them to say YES to Wings and to their lives.

I see that if I refused to advocate for continuing learning using Wings Seminars, there would be few teams to work on!

I was able to combine security and other tasks with marketing and became the Host. I saw that increasing my vulnerability created trust. Risking spontaneity was fun. I heard fascinating stuff. I usually respond, “Take it to the room. It is your job to get the facilitator’s attention.” Participants do it.

Each of us who has been the Host did it well. It is fun. When other team members join participants in the lobby, the results are even better. It got easier to advocate with each of them.

I got clear that hanging out with my teammates in the room waiting for doors or hanging out in the kitchen when participants are in the lobby wastes my opportunity to really be in service.

Let’s talk in the lobby, I’ll meet you there

"Hearts" by Guido Bondioli

“Hearts” by Guido Bondioli