I am a confident, courageous, and complete woman

— Janet Jaenke

I can remember the moment that I learned of the WellBeing seminar. Life had really been a struggle for me; feeling like I had spent the last few years just existing and not really living. My personal life had been a whirlwind for the last few years. My career was solid, but I felt like I had gotten everything out of it that I could. I was needing some direction. I met with a mentor of mine at work and told her that I was feeling like I was stuck—that no matter what I did it just felt like my wheels were spinning and I was going nowhere.  She suggested I consider going to a seminar through Wings, which my employer has been associated with for some time. 

I signed up for it, not really thinking it could possibly have that much impact. How big of an impact could a seminar have? I figured that anything was worth a try at this point. I walked into the first day of the WellBeing seminar, looking around the room at the other 40 people, feeling totally skeptical and fairly terrified. I couldn’t help but think—what on earth could I have in common with any of them?  Over the next three days I learned exactly how wrong I was. It showed me that we all struggle, regardless of what our social status is; that regardless of what you do for a living, whether you are the CEO or the receptionist, we all have our own baggage we carry with us  

After four incredible days of WellBeing, it was time for the Sunday night celebration. I asked a few of my closest friends to come in for it. I had been wrestling with the idea of sharing during the graduation and even talked about it with others during the seminar. I have always avoided speaking in front of groups, large or small. I didn’t like being seen, so I felt like this would be a big step for me—sharing in front of my fellow participants, friends, and their families—to move forward and live the changes I wanted to see.  

Towards the end of the graduation, I went up and shared a little about what I had learned during my time in WellBeing. I was so proud when I went up there. Walking up to the front of the room, I felt so much love and support from my classmates—who had all spent days encouraging me to face my fear and speak. Looking out into the crowd of people, I saw the undeniable pride of my classmates and support staff and the surprised and beaming faces of my closest friends. Being filled with my own inspiration and pride, all I could think of was, how am I going to continue this feeling? After I spoke, a few of the people—who were there supporting other classmates—approached me and told me how impactful my words were to them and how they really appreciated me getting up and sharing. I was absolutely on cloud nine. In the days that followed, I kept up with the lessons I had learned and had some conversations I had been putting off for a long time. I made some big changes in the way I lived my life and made some plans on keeping the forward momentum going.  

I signed up for the next seminar, CrossOver, and could not wait for it to start. Getting off the elevator that first day I was taken aback. I was expecting a huge class like my first one, but what I stepped into was a group of eight people. Shortly into CrossOver, one of our classmates decided they needed to part ways, so the group of eight turned into—what we will forever be known to one another as—the sacred seven. These seven people and our support staff really hit new levels of profound insight. Throughout the time we spent together, I could feel my walls coming down around me. Each day I woke up feeling like I was making huge strides in rediscovering my true self.  Along with the sacred seven, I wrote a contract; a phrase that I would live up to every day for the rest of my life. Each person came up with something different and I struggled to make mine be what I needed. Following and trusting in the guidance of the amazing Wings staff proved rewarding, yet again, when came to me. It was exactly what I needed to be reminded of every day: I am a courageous, confident, and complete woman.   

During CrossOver, we learned about daily intention statements and how much impact they could have on our lives. For myself, they really served to keep me accountable for my thoughts and actions. As CrossOver ended, we all came up with ways to continue this forward momentum in our lives. I decided I would create daily intention statements and post them on social media, to keep myself accountable. I felt that putting them out there for everyone to see was a great way to make sure I followed through on them. This would also be a way to consistently have a voice and not shy away from who I am. 

Since CrossOver, I have posted more times than not. The first intention statement I posted on social media was four months ago, it read “I am letting go of laziness and creating passion for myself today.” I also included a statement of living with intention every day and embracing who I am and what I want. As with any long-term change in life, there are some days I struggle, not wanting to put forth the effort. Those are the days that I need to do them the most, to make myself be accountable.  Living every day with purpose and intention is not an easy thing to do; however, it is a truly rewarding thing to do. I have gotten amazing feedback from people in my life for my daily statements. I’ve been told that my posts have brought changes and awareness in people I love and that my commitment to daily intentions has been truly inspiring to them.   

 “I am letting go of my fear of being seen and creating inspiration for myself today”  

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