Ildie Overbay: turning inner reflection positive

Ildie Overbay

Ildie Overbay

Editor’s note: Ildie Overbay is a psychotherapist and counselor who has taken several Wings seminars and is now offering her time and talents to support others in their journeys.

My motivation to take PES in the fall of 2014 was seeing stunningly increased vitality and joy in a friend I hadn’t seen in a year. I thought to myself: Whatever “drug” she’s taking, I want it too. It turned out the “drug” was PES, and I eagerly signed up. Since that time, I have taken CrossOver and LifeWorks 1.5 times. I am currently an intern with Wings.

I have taken many workshops before because I love workshops. I believe in being on a healing journey, and I want to try things so that I can wholeheartedly refer clients. Wings seminars have been highly impactful in terms of me moving forward in my life. In previous workshops, the focus was on healing from old traumas and arriving to the present to live with less pain. In Wings, I learned that there is more to life than feeling less pain. I learned tools and skills to create the life I want, move toward my dreams, manifest them with active participation, and take responsibility for my choices and actions. I experienced that I can unlearn helplessness and experience and practice learned optimism.

The learning at Wings Seminars impacted me in a very deep way because it was experiential. After every major lecture there were hands-on practices done in an emotionally safe environment created by both the workshop leaders modeling vulnerability and the participants sharing deeply and authentically. In moments of self-doubt in my everyday life, I now recall some of the most touching exercises from LifeWorks and CrossOver to refuel myself with memories of being deeply accepted, cared for, and loved by others.

I felt deeply touched by one of the central themes in the workshops: taking responsibility for my actions. For many decades I had lived from a painful internal belief of shame and victimhood. The seminar leaders showed me how to hold myself caringly responsible for my thoughts, emotions, and actions. It was also meaningful to me to practice dreaming up the life I wanted to live and learning tools to manifest it in LifeWorks.

I have built close friendships through these intense seminars. My small group from LifeWorks is still in contact. We text each other almost daily, sharing our focus statements to hold ourselves accountable, and offer support and gentle challenge to each other. When I feel down or am having thoughts of self-doubt, I have learned to trust my small group to share my vulnerabilities and turn to them for comfort. They don’t rescue me; with their caring words they reflect back to me the goodness they see in me and hold this truth for me until I can access it from within.

I was overjoyed to be accepted to intern with Wings. I wanted to give back to Wings for the gifts I have received and support the whole organization to make its offerings widely available. I also wanted to be of service to participants and extend my learning time with Wings for my own continued growth. By being an intern, I also actively create and belong to a community of wonderful like-minded individuals.

I recommend taking PES and the follow-up seminars to anybody wanting to get more out of life and create the life one wants to live.  I also highly recommend becoming an intern to give back to the Wings community and to help create a better world.

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