Spring in Oregon is not subtle. Beauty is erupting everywhere, seducing my spirit and causing a ruckus. I can feel my wintery heart waking up. How about you?

The awakening heart calls to what is unlived in us—beckons us out the door with no safety net and a longing we cannot always put our finger on. It entices us with an invitation to grow and be and to come play in wonder and joy.

On the other hand, a neglected heart is easily frustrated and sighs a lot. It longs for an unjustified moment to do something for no good reason other than we feel happy doing it.

So, shall we let spring have her way with us? Let her shake us awake and go out in search of what is beyond our knowing? My heart is beating “Yes, please! and I am quoting Don Quixote, “Until death it is all life.” Time to wake up!

With love,

xo – sherrie

“Be one of the people on whom nothing is lost.”

~~ excerpt from “The Art of Fiction” by Henry James, 1884

Read “The Art of Fiction” here: https://public.wsu.edu/~campbelld/amlit/artfiction.html

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