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Lance Wyss: completing the ‘core’ quickly

Lance Wyss

Editor’s note: Lance Wyss is a recent graduate of Wings Seminars’ three-seminar core series—WellBeing, CrossOver, and LifeWorks We asked him to talk about what got him interested in the seminars and what moved him quickly through the core, which he started in July 2018 and completed 10 months later.

How did you first hear about Wings Seminars, and what caused you to try a seminar? My committed partner is very involved as a participant, intern, and assist team member.  When we were first dating, she enlightened me on how Wings transformed her life. I became very curious and had been searching for a long time to further improve my mind, body, and spirit.

You completed the “core” series—WellBeing, CrossOver, and LifeWorks—in 10 months. Why did you move through the series as quickly as you did? Once I experienced WellBeing, I decided that continuing to immerse myself in seminar process would really integrate my experiences into practice.

What did you get from the seminars? How has this work affected your life and well-being? Have you taken other seminars? I received and gave so much during all three “core” seminars that it is difficult to put into words. I guess to sum it up is to say that I now have a renewed sense of self. The personal work is incredible, and I came away with tools and skills that will benefit me for the rest of my life. For example, I have improved my communication in a positive way and learned to practice conscious choice instead of my tendency to react in situations. I really like the accountability portion as well. It is up to me to continue this work, always curious with an open mind and heart. I have a changed perspective on how I want to be and live, and it is great news! There is also a wonderful community built among all the people involved with each seminar, which includes the facilitator, assist team, and participants. I completed Listening Heart with my committed partner while I was completing LifeWorks. 

What else would you like us to know? There was a part of me that was dormant inside of me. My experiences, learning, and personal growth have awakened the sleeper, and it is exciting! I am going to complete more seminars and will start serving on assist teams soon. Participating on assist teams seems like a great opportunity to continue work and review seminar content with a different perspective while being in service.

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