Living in Balance Quiz

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  • We invite you to consider the possibilities of investing in yourself and discovering (or rediscovering!) the incredible beauty that is your life.

    An easy way to start: Take the short quiz below to begin exploring your strengths and opportunities for growth and development in four areas—ownership, integrity, vulnerability, and spontaneity. When we receive your results, we’ll send you a list of actions you can take right now to bring your life into balance. With your permission, we’ll also add you to our mailing list so you can stay up to date with all we’re doing.

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  • YesNo
    Do you often withhold your thoughts for fear of hurting someone’s feelings or that they won’t like you if you disagree?
    Do you often avoid conflict by being agreeable?
    Do you often feel confused or experience self-doubt when thinking about what you really want?
    Do you often take care of the needs of others before your own?
    Do you often think, “I don’t know who I am any more.”
  • YesNo
    Do you often gratify a momentary want even though it goes against your values or conflicts with your long term goals?
    Do you often avoid making plans with others until the last minute?
    Do you think of yourself as time challenged?
    Do you often break your word and make up excuses for why you do?
    Do you often find your mind in the “clouds” and checked out?
  • YesNo
    Do you often feel anxious if you are not in charge of an outcome?
    Do you often find it difficult to connect emotionally with others or describe what you are feeling?
    Do you often avoid asking for help from others, even when it is important for you to have help?
    Do people often depend on you and think of you as someone they can count on in a pinch?
    Do you think of yourself as the strong silent type?
  • YesNo
    Do you avoid going to events where you are unsure of what may happen?
    Do you prefer routines and daily habits?
    Do you avoid looking foolish through avoidance?
    Do people sometimes describe you as reserved or analytical?
    Do you experience extreme social anxiety and prefer to be with people you already know or be alone?
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