Our Work in the World

Our mission is to inspire and support positive change, creating an abundant, loving, and respectful world community.

We see a world where people act out of conscious choice, love, and respect—not fear. A world where people are committed to making a difference in the quality of life around them and taking action to make the changes. A world where people exercise integrity and compassion in all they do.

Wings is dedicated to offering exceptional seminars that give people the tools to:

  • Walk courageously in the world, with meaning and purpose
  • Live with honesty, integrity, compassion, and spontaneity
  • Turn possibilities into realities by experiencing, thinking, and doing
  • Build loving, respectful relationships with themselves and with others
  • Know themselves as powerful contributors to humanity
  • Be the leader of their lives, personally and professionally

We believe people have the inner resources to create a fulfilling life, rich in quality relationships and gratitude. We believe each person who lives life with conscious choice, love, and respect makes the world a better place for all. We believe each one of us has an impact–the question is, is it the impact we want to be having? Wings is committed to assisting individuals to become “conscious choosers” in every way possible.

TheHealth factors chart Wings-wellness connection

Thousands of people over several decades have used Wings Seminars to create these truly profound changes in their lives. But did you know we have a wider view of our work as well?

Since 2016, Wings has been a program of La Clinica, a nonprofit community health center group that serves thousands of patients annually with a mission that includes inspiring everyone it touches to lead full and healthy lives. La Clinica’s focus on comprehensive, whole-person wellness acknowledges that getting healthy often requires more than a visit to the doctor’s office; it requires, in fact, just the kind of belief in change that Wings teaches. Our goal is to offer these seminars not only publicly but also at reduced cost to La Clinica patients who otherwise would not have access to attend.

La Clinica’s vision for this work sees a clear connection between the Wings approach to seminars and whole-person wellness. This is supported by organizations including the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which notes that many factors come together to make up well-being, and traditional health care is just one small piece of the pie.

You can support this vision of wellness in the wider world by attending our seminars, by getting involved with us, and through donations if you’re able.