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Paul Frishkoff – 1982 Grad

Paul Friskoff

Paul Friskoff

In 1982, entering PES, I thought that it knew it all already, having finished a few seminars with other organizations.  How wrong I was!
The seminar:  humbled, awed,

entertained, and enlightened me.  One specific that I discovered was how eager I was to teach and do hands-on career planning (not my formal field at all at my university.) I learned to advocate better for what I wanted. Exactly one year later, I was in a workshop, largely expense-paid, with the author of What Color Is Your Parachute?  I taught and did a great deal of career planning during the next couple of decades.  (Not all my colleagues approved, and I had to remind myself – with difficulty – of something else from the PES:  not to villainize those who disagreed with me!)

My wife, Pat, was in PES with me, and had the insight that she wanted to be a mother.  Our adopted-at-birth son, Luke (True Colors grad) is completing his Ph.D. this year.  Pat (who did the bulk of the work) and I also began a part-time speaking and consulting business (family business transitions), which has been very satisfying.

Now, why I wrote this:  a year ago, perusing my computer, I came across files of puns and other humor that I had written, just for fun, over the years.  I thought:  “Why not a book?”  The friends whom I spoke to had no connections in publishing.  Yet, within a month, I stumbled on (in tiny Yachats, OR, no less!) a superb book designer, who helped me see the project through to transition.  The book, Dr. Chuckle and Missed Her Ride:  Puns and Malapropisms (available through Amazon) was not intended to be, nor is, a big moneymaker.  Like the career planning and consulting, it is a labor of love.  So, the tools of 32 years ago “keep on giving.”

Postscript:  Since I decided to do the book, I have penned another 300 puns. Will Dr. Chuckle “ride again”?  Stay tuned.