Personal Development Seminars

Personal Development Seminars

I came for guidance and found that instead I was given a foundation; a set of tools to help guide myself.

–Alie Walker, seminar participant

For over 25 years, Wings Seminars has assisted more than 35,000 individuals learn life-changing skills to live meaningful, satisfying, and effective lives, both personally and professionally. Wings personal development trainings provide personal growth opportunities that go far beyond self-help books. Seminar participants get first-hand experience with effective communication, goal setting, life coaching, leadership development and improved confidence. Wings works with both individuals and groups. Many corporations, small businesses, non-profits and governmental agencies include Wings Seminars in their employee development plans.

Core Seminar Series

WellBeing: Be Free
The introductory seminar in our core series explores consciousness, the impact of beliefs, and how to create what you really want in life. WellBeing assists you to understand yourself and your relationship to the world with new clarity and ownership. It is a life-changing event full of aha moments that open up new pathways of understanding, opportunities and results. WellBeing is a four-day training and the first in our core seminar series. The minimum age is 18 years of age.
CrossOver: Get Real
Where PES goes broad, CrossOver goes deep, to your center where the things that really matter live. In CrossOver, you focus on you—your beliefs about yourself, your relationship with yourself, your true self. You learn to listen to the wisdom that lives at your core in a way that breathes clarity into each moment, each choice. In CrossOver, you realize that your experience, what you feel, think and want, is all about you. The freedom that comes with this realization is: “If I don’t like it, I can change it.”
LifeWorks: Live inspired
In LifeWorks, you hone the tools for an extraordinary life over three months. With the support of fellow participants you build a community focused on life-long success—by your own definition. Have you ever wondered what your purpose in life is? Have you longed to know how you could have a meaningful impact in the world? In LifeWorks you both identify and put into action your purpose and vision. You take all you’ve learned and apply it to what matters most in your life.

Leadership Seminars

Authentic Leader Training
The Authentic Leader Training is for those who seek excellence at a profound level, and who are ready to contribute to a better, brighter future now. The commitment to the ALT is a statement of integrity, vision, and belief — that even just one person has the power to change the world.
Advanced Authentic Leader Training
Come back and join us for the Advanced Authentic Leader Training and take your development as a leader to the next level.

Advanced Personal Development Seminars

Profound Self Acceptance – The Integrate Seminar
In Integrate, we explore the shadow: those parts of ourselves, both positive and ones we judge as negative, that we have repressed because they do not align with our ideal standard of who we “should be.” This repression can be done consciously or unconsciously. This repression takes energy.
Spirituality – Namaste
Namaste embraces myth and metaphor, ritual and enlightenment, faith and awe in a non-religious environment that neither judges nor advocates for any particular set of beliefs. In this setting of profound respect for the beliefs and traditions of spiritual seekers the world over, you find that Namaste opens new doors to enliven your spiritual experience. This is a no-holds-barred exploration of spirituality, truly a spiritual renewal seminar.
Relationships – The Listening Heart Seminar
In Listening Heart, you practice speaking clearly and honestly and listening with your open heart. You learn the value of being honest and clear with yourself first, inviting your partner to be honest with you. You learn how to use fear and conflict as positive sources for understanding, growth, intimacy and the fulfillment of your deepest desires. You laugh wholeheartedly and share laughter with your partner, taking yourselves lightly.

Neuro-linguistic Programming

InSight 1 and 2
Learn and practice the foundations of NLP for mastering your state of being— rapport, sensory awareness, outcome thinking and behavioral flexibility.
InSightMaster Practitioner Certification
Neuro-linguistic Programming provides the most flexible approach for rapid change for individuals, groups, systems, and organizations. Your expertise as an InSight Master Practitioner gives you the skills and confidence to be a leader in the field of personal and organizational change.

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