LifeWorks FAQ

Q: Can I miss one of the weekends and make it up in a later session?

A: Yes. It’s about making Life Work… sometimes we get interrupted. You must attend the first weekend in a session to start your LifeWorks seminar. After that you can attend the second, third and fourth weekend in another session. As an example, you could attend weekend #1 and #3 in the Summer Session and then weekends #2 in the Fall Session.

Q: Won’t attending two different sessions impact my experience?

A: Yes, it will have an impact and many people say attending two separate sessions gave them an opportunity to experience and bond with two different groups.

Q: What is the difference between the contract I created in CrossOver and the Vision Statement I will create in LifeWorks.

A: The Vision Statement in LifeWorks is created as you embody and live the elements of your Personal Contract. The Vision Statement is an expansion of your Personal Contract.

Q: Will I be qualified to be on a WINGS assist team after LifeWorks?

A: Not automatically. You must attend the Assist Team Training first. Once you graduate from the training you may request to be on an assist team.

Q: I see that each weekend has its own focus, does this mean I can attend one of the weekends only without registering for the whole seminar?

A: You must complete LifeWorks in its entirety before having the opportunity to attend an individual weekend. Once you’ve gone through LifeWorks you may come back and repeat a weekend for a reduced fee.

Q: My life has changed so much since I attended LifeWorks the first time. Would it be beneficial to repeat the seminar?

A: It may be of benefit to come back and repeat LifeWorks if you’ve gone through a major life transition such as a change in your job or committed relationship. You can repeat the seminar for half price.