Paying for Seminars

We want you to be able to attend the Wings Seminars session you want to attend regardless of your financial situation. 

We offer three options to help with the cost of Wings tuition: an income-based discount, payment plans, and scholarships. Here’s what you should know about each: 

Income-based discounts

Wings offers income-based discounts to seminar participants, and when they use these discounts, participants living at the lowest income levels can attend seminars for $35 per day. To take advantage of our income-based discounts, we’ll ask you to provide us with information about your income level, and then we’ll compare that to federal poverty level guidelines and determine your discount. People with incomes of as much as $34,840 for a household of two or $53,000 for a household of four are eligible for discounts. To apply for income-based discounts, contact Program Manager Salem Workman at 541-683-8540 or email her.

Payment plans

  • Determine the cost of the seminar you want to attend. 
  • Divide the seminar cost by the amount you can pay monthly and set up a payment plan over that many months. 
  • Call us at 541-683-8540 to set up a plan that works for you. We ask just that you commit to regular monthly payments. 

Here are some common payment options (in this example, the total seminar cost is $595):

  • 6 payments: $99.17
  • 12 payments: $49.58
  • 18 payments: $33.06
  • 24 payments: $24.79


Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we offerscholarships based on financial need to a variety of our seminars. The deadline to apply for spring awards is March 31, and the deadline to apply for fall awards is Sept. 30. We notify winners within two weeks. Apply for adult seminars using this application form; apply to our True Colors teen seminar using this application form.