Personal Growth & Well-being

Make a commitment to yourself.

Get out of your own way—the best time for you to become fiercely, authentically, and completely you is right now.

Our personal development seminars invite you to embrace your life and all it offers. Our skilled facilitators will guide you to discover (or rediscover) your inner wisdom and natural strengths during our immersive, activity-filled seminars. This is your opportunity to take hold of your life, catch fire with inspiration and clarity, and commit fully to the most important person you’ll ever know—you!

You may complete most of our seminars, including professional track seminars, in any order you choose. Prerequisites apply as noted.


Personal Growth & Well-being seminars

The Core Series—WellBeing, CrossOver, and LifeWorks. WellBeing is a prerequisite for CrossOver, and CrossOver is a prerequisite for LifeWorks.

Grace & Gratitude, a mindfulness and gratitude seminar. No prerequisite.

Integrate, a self-acceptance seminar. Completing CrossOver at least six months earlier is a prerequisite to attend.

Listening Heart, a couples’ seminar. Prerequisite: WellBeing.

Namaste, a spirituality seminar. No prerequisite.

Calling the Circle, a women’s renewal and connection retreat. Prerequisite: WellBeing.

True Colors, our seminar for teens 13-18. No prerequisite.

Advanced True Colors, our advanced seminar for teens 15-18. Prerequisite: True Colors.