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Rex Vollstedt – April 2009 Grad

“It’s time to grow up Rex!”

Rex on a recent CrossOver team – September 2013

As I sit here now, in this space that I have created for myself to live and reflect, I think about my growth through Wings. The words above are the ones that really hit home. “It’s time to grow up Rex!”

I heard these words many times throughout my process in PES, CrossOver and LifeWorks. The time they had the most impact and really stuck with me was on my second day in CrossOver. I finally stood up in front of the room and decided to speak up.  Bev Foster, the facilitator, spoke those words to me. In that moment, I was unaware of the amount of growth I would receive from them.

I had started my Wings journey in April of 2009 with PES, followed by CrossOver in the next month, and LifeWorks in July of that same year. I completed the Core Seminars in October of 2009. In December 2009 I jumped right in to serving on seminar assist teams. Since then I have done roughly 5-7 PES assist teams, 3 CrossOver teams, and 1 True Colors team. Somewhere in the mix of all those assist teams I created the time to participate in the Namasté seminar as well. Being able to participate in these seminars and then coming back to support others on their own journey, gave me many opportunities to learn and re-learn the life-changing tools I had received from Wings. I learned:

  • the power of living with positive intentions and how to create those intentions.
  • I am at choice in how I respond to each moment and it is my responses that determine the life I create.
  •  the power of positive thinking and how to transform my thinking using the language of ownership and accountability.
  • I have no one but myself to live my life for. What I do, may at times not be the most popular thing, and it is still important to stand up for myself and be authentic in all aspects of my life.

When I started my Wings journey I was working two part time jobs that did not feed me in any other way than financially. I had just spent the last year and a half going to school in Portland to be a massage therapist. Shortly after graduation from the school, one I had excelled at my entire way through, I failed my practical exam. I felt crushed when I failed thinking this failure would cause people to not like me and ultimately to reject me. These old beliefs led me to choose to go away from something I was so in love with and passionate about, massage therapy. I returned to the two part-time jobs I mentioned above, the ones I believed did nothing to feed my passions or purpose.

Soon after finishings Lifeworks I set the goal to get my massage therapy license. In April of 2010 I achieved that goal. In the meantime, I had quit one of my part time jobs and gone full time at the other only to be laid off within six months. There was a small time lapse of unemployment. With the knowledge I had learned at Wings I set the intention to be working full time as a Licensed Massage Therapist. By June of 2010 I was living my intention.

In November of 2010 through a Wings contact I was introduced to the work of Hospice Services. After the first three months as a volunteer with Hospice I realized being a massage therapist for Hospice was where I belonged and wanted to be. Spending my time working with Hospice patients and giving them massage has become the most valued and appreciated time during my week. The people I am working with are appreciative and non-judgmental. They are happy to have someone to share and spend time with.

I am proud to say I now have two jobs as a Massage Therapist. One at a Massage Center in downtown Eugene that I have been with for a year. The Center I work at gives me an opportunity to learn from other therapist and thrive. I interact with a number of different people and am a part of the healing journey. The other job is working with Hospice, where I’ve been for over three years. Every client I interact with becomes special. Some I had only one visit with and others up to  two and a half years.

I have also created a personal life, one I am happy with and that is always evolving. The center of my personal life is surrounded around my home, one I created. Interesting enough, my home is almost exactly what I had envisioned and set the intention for during Lifeworks.

I continue to assist on Wings teams and deepen my learning. I had big learning during my last back up team in September of this year. Coming into the seminar I was still struggling with showing up fully and authentically. It may have been hearing it said a little differently in this seminar or just the stars aligning in the perfect moment, but I chose to begin really showing up in that seminar. To my surprise everyone still liked me and didn’t reject me. The learning I received in the seminar has helped me transform the last three and a half months of my life. I am showing up fully in more aspects of my life than I have in a really long time. I am putting myself out there and making things happen. If they don’t happen I get up and do it again in another way.

I am not saying I think it will all just fall into place at the snap of my finger. The work that I have done was hard work. I repeat “ THE WORK I HAVE DONE WAS HARD WORK!” I say that twice because I did the work and Wings was the conduit for me to do that work. Wings provided the knowledge and a safe atmosphere for me to do something different. I wake up every morning and silently give my thanks to Wings for this opportunity.

I have been told that you end a piece of writing with a quote and so to quote myself “ Life is good and I am happy.”

Rex Vollstedt, I am a handsome, courageous, powerful man living in love.