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Rose Elley – January 1998 Grad

Rose EllyMy own story is amazing to me – I came to PES in January of 1998. What an incredible opening of my eyes, my heart and my soul to life! I followed on immediately to CrossOver and then to LifeWorks where I unwrapped my own personal longings and vision for life. I opened myself to dreams so big I thought they could only be dreams. Yet, these dreams would one day come true. It all started with taking that first step!

In 2001 around the time of September 11th, I was laid off from my job of 15 years. I had never known anything else, I was an electrical engineer and the entire high tech market had fallen. For a whole year I could not find a job anywhere – even the local coffee shop would not even hire me because I had never used the big espresso machines! Several of us, laid-off at the same time would meet each week to talk about how our job search was going – no one was having any luck. One day I shared with them my dream. Then almost unconsciously I just started taking steps to make it come true.

Starting out with only $100, I applied to a fulltime graduate school program. I got in. I had always questioned if I was smart enough. I moved to a new town and started grad school. I finished a 2 year graduate program in 1.5 years. I nearly paid off the humongous grad school loan, completed four additional professional certifications, and, 4 years after taking the first step, I found my dream job almost doubling my old salary.

In Wings, I realized how many choices I make in life every day. I wake up with new energy and I approach others with new understanding. My Wings buddies and I continue to support each other in our lives, encouraging each other to make continual positive change. I find myself at peace even in difficult situations. I am confident in myself and my future. I am living life as I have never lived it before.

I have many more big dreams. Next I want to ride my bike across the country taking the Northern route and I want to be CEO of my own business. I want to travel to Africa and I want to live there for a few years. Wings made me realize that everything is possible in life. I am a woman living connected and clear with joy. I live now with wings!