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Ross Dickinson – Wings Grad January 2006

Ross DickinsonAttending the Personal Effectiveness Seminar (P.E.S.) in January 2006 and Crossover in March 2006 has facilitated many changes in my life.

For years I had been hiding from people by working graveyard. I told myself it was because I needed to raise my kids and then because I needed to take care of my dad. I was a single parent for my two children from the time they were around 12, they are now almost 28 and 30. My father was diagnosed with dementia 2001.

Before Dad passed away in 2005 I made an Internet connection and started dating a Wings graduate who suggested Wings as a possible beneficial thing for me. Because this person was such a wonderful, kind, honest soul I pondered attending Wings for several months, then signed up for P.E.S. in January 2006.

What a difference Wings has made in my life. During P.E.S. I decided I no longer wanted to hide from life. After P.E.S. I signed up for Crossover, and the wonderful things have continued. I learned that I could trust myself. By recongnizing I am at choice in every moment, my intentions are turning into actions. The results have been amazing.

I’m now engaged to the lady that recommended Wings. I’m leaving my graveyard job in Eugene and getting married as soon as I find work in Portland which I’ve had several job interviews for! I also am an amateur photographer with a plan to pursue photography as a side and/or retirement business.

The YES’s continue. I realize that raising my kids was important, as was taking care of my father. And I also know it is time to say YES to my life now.

Yes! I am a strong, involved man, living gratefully in the present.

Thank you Wings.