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Kris King: Leading Transformation with Vulnerability and Heart for Over 35 Years

Editor’s note: Founder and former Wings Seminars CEO Kris King is retiring from facilitation work. We asked her to talk about her experience as facilitator and former owner of Wings. What would you like to share with Wings graduates on your retirement? One of my favorite bumper

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I love NLP, and here’s why

By Sherrie Frank Neuro-linguistic programming isn’t just a seminar topic for Wings—it’s also the model supporting the elegance and effectiveness of our trainings. I’d like to tell you why I ❤ NLP and think it rocks! Psychology Today Magazine said, “Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is arguably the most

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Tip: Vulnerability is the key to creating connection and intimacy in any relationship.

There is no place in our lives where old patterns of behaviors are more engrained than within our families of origin. That’s why so many of us feel exhausted after a day with extended family… trying to fit into old outdated roles while withholding our authentic self

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Tip: Embrace Being A Beginner

Embrace the sometimes embarrassing, awkward path of being a beginner. Tip reprinted from Source-October 2013 Edition Can a person who reads 100 books about learning how to play a guitar actually play one? Nope. Why? Because the learning is in the doing.   We all begin at

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