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Winging It - Grads Share Their Experiences

Wings graduates around the world are touching lives and living their dreams. For some the seminars assisted them in finding practical answers to everyday life, for others it led to seeking out the meaning to life's bigger questions such as "What is my purpose?" Each article is as unique as the individuals themselves.

In these articles, graduates take themselves lightly, find new ways of creating what they want, and say YES! to new possibilities.

Hanna Snider – November 2007 Grad

I did LifeWorks in 2013, three years after graduating college. My career was just beginning to take off. However, while I had (and have) a job I am passionate about, I knew I wanted to pursue more education and earn an advanced degree. It was a fundamental

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Paul Frishkoff – 1982 Grad

In 1982, entering PES, I thought that it knew it all already, having finished a few seminars with other organizations.  How wrong I was! The seminar:  humbled, awed, entertained, and enlightened me.  One specific that I discovered was how eager I was to teach and do hands-on

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Brenda Johnson – November 2007 Grad

I look back and can barely recognize the woman who did it differently. I trust my path. I’m grateful for the wisdom from some of the most unsuspecting teachers, and I am clear that my leadership journey will be full of many defining moments.

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Sarah Peroutka – May 2009 Grad

Out-focus on Beauty We are born with the ability to perceive beauty through our senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. Although we rely on our senses to survive—to smell the gas leak or hear the blaring horn of the oncoming car—our senses can be utilized

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Meg Mitchell – March 1999 Grad

Leading An Artful Life There are hidden harmonies or contrasts in colors which involuntarily combine to work together. Vincent van Gogh One of the most important tools for an artist is the color wheel.  It’s nature’s light spectrum folded into a circle; the artists’ guide for combining

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Terri Simmons – April 2009 Grad

Learning to love myself was the key to the life of my dreams… When I think about love my mind goes in so many different directions. I think of my first love, my years of solitude and loneliness, my family, the people that I’ve lost over the

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Rex Vollstedt – April 2009 Grad

“It’s time to grow up Rex!” As I sit here now, in this space that I have created for myself to live and reflect, I think about my growth through Wings. The words above are the ones that really hit home. “It’s time to grow up Rex!”

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Stephanie Nelson – March 2012 Grad

A love for life led me on one of my greatest journeys… I have a great love for life! There are days I am so grateful to have an opportunity to wake up and feel the aches and pleasures. They remind me I have another day to

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Julie Cox – January 1986 Grad

I felt enormous support from the group and trusted that what ever would unfold I would be able to handle.

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Rose Elley – January 1998 Grad

I Live Now with Wings!

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