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Winging It - Grads Share Their Experiences

Wings graduates around the world are touching lives and living their dreams. For some the seminars assisted them in finding practical answers to everyday life, for others it led to seeking out the meaning to life's bigger questions such as "What is my purpose?" Each article is as unique as the individuals themselves.

In these articles, graduates take themselves lightly, find new ways of creating what they want, and say YES! to new possibilities.

Vernita Ediger

PES helped me to be fully present to listen with compassion.

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Dawn Allen-Doss – December 2006 Grad

I walked out of PES and knew I had found “it”.

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Ross Dickinson – Wings Grad January 2006

The YES’s Continue!

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Wolfgang Dengler – 2007 Namasté Grad

The Namaste Seminar…A pivotal peak experience on my own search for truth and meaning.

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Cindy Curran – Feb 2008 Grad

One of the greatest supports I’ve found in making that happen has been to stay connected with other Wings grads.

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Diane Bonne – November 2001 Grad

Remembering Who I Am

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Guido Bondioli – Wings Grad

Let’s talk in the lobby…

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Barb Brown – Director Of Admissions, Mid-Peninsula High School

Wings Gave Me the Freedom to Soar!

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Tom Anderson – December 2005 Grad

I was empowered with confidence and freedom…

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Adrienne Adam – January 2003 Grad

In PES and CrossOver I met my internal foes – at first with timidity but, with time and effort, the fierceness of a warrior.

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