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Assist Teams

Benefits of Serving on a Wings Assist Team

Serving as an assist team member is an opportunity for Wings graduates to practice authentic communication, team building, and leadership skills. Team members help to create the safe and supportive learning environments of each seminar. Being on a team is an extraordinary learning experience, one we believe is unique, connecting, and exciting.

Assist Team Training

Attending the assist team training is a prerequisite for assisting on most teams. The training is free of charge. This 1-day training is also for anyone wanting to improve their listening and communication skills. Check our calendar for dates and registration information.


WellBeing Graduate of WellBeing or PES, CrossOver, and *LifeWorks preferred.*Team Members are selected based on the following criteria; LifeWorks grads are selected first, current LifeWorks participants second and CrossOver grads third.
CrossOver Assisted on two WellBeing or PES assist teams.
LifeWorks Must be a current or past Wings intern.
Listening Heart
Graduates of the Listening Heart seminar. Couples apply and are selected together.
Namaste Graduates of the Namaste seminar. Assist team training preferred.
True Colors
Assisted on one WellBeing or PES assist team.
Integrate Graduate of Integrate. Must have assisted on two WellBeing or PES teams and one CrossOver team.
Authentic Leader
Graduate of Authentic Leader.
InSight Graduate of InSight 1 and 2.


Request To Be An Assist Team Member

If you would like to be on an assist team, please email or call Wings at 541-683-8540. We build teams up to a year in advance and it is also possible to jump on a team at the last minute so please ask for what you want! Your email does not guarantee your spot on the team. Please call Wings at 541-683-8540 if you do not receive a response to your request within 48 hours.

Upcoming Assist Team Trainings:

Dates Location Tuition Register
Jul 7, 2020Portland, ORFreeRegister Now
Location: CareOregon, 315 SW 5th Ave, Portland, OR
Sep 30, 2020Medford, ORFreeRegister Now
Location: La Clinica Center for Learning and Innovation, 931 Chevy Wy, Medford, OR
Dates subject to change

Assist Team Training Hours:

Registration begins: 
8:45 a.m.

Training Hours: 
9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Ending times are approximate.

Seminar Details:

1 Day Program

Free of Charge

Prerequisite: WellBeing (formerly known as PES) or True Colors