Stay tuned for something great!

Welcome to Wings. You’ve caught us in the midst of a change, and our online seminar calendar is temporarily unavailable.

We’ll be back soon with new online offerings that will allow our participants to safely experience Wings during the remainder of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have paused all in-person seminars for the time being.

Here’s a preview of the online seminars we’ll offer beginning in October 2020. Most of this content will be new and different from our in-person seminars while still feeling like the deeply impactful Wings work our seminar graduates know and love.

You’ll be able to click on the seminar names below as soon as we have registration details. And don’t forget about our ongoing free online offerings; find details about those here.

CrossOver Intensive – This new online seminar is especially for people who have completed CrossOver, the second seminar in our core series, and offers the opportunity for graduates to jump back into the deep exploration of profound integrity CrossOver offers. Participants will renew their commitment to their personal contracts and empower and inspire their lives right now.

Foundations of WellBeing – In this new online seminar, participants will learn to explore and develop awareness of what motivates the patterns that create negative results in their lives and how to change them. They’ll learn to stay resourceful and responsive, trust their choices, keep commitments, connect authentically to others, and let go and have fun.

Fundamentals of WorkLife Success – In this new online seminar, participants will learn the skills of making work enjoyable, engaging, and successful, focusing on resourcefulness in challenge and change, active listening skills, and appreciation for learning.

Grace and Gratitude – This is an online version of our two-day seminar in which participants learn to cultivate mindfulness, build resiliency and joy, practice empathy and self-compassion, and create a healthy and positive “inner landscape” based in love and respect.

 Watch for more titles coming soon!