Teen Leadership

We reserve a handful of seminars each year for the not-quite-adult crowd, our teens. These seminars can take place in a camp setting, or we can bring a seminar to your school, summer program, or church group. In the hands of our skilled facilitators, teens discover inner resources they never knew they had.

True Colors
True Colors was named by the teens themselves, because the seminar freed them to discover who they really were, to show their “true colors.” In this 5 1/2-day residential program, teens 14 to 18 learn to apply their inner resources to making choices now, even in the face of peer pressure, that create the future they truly want. Facilitators and staff hold each teen to be lovable, capable, and whole, fully equipped to achieve the high standards and expectations of the True Colors seminar.
Advanced True Colors
The Advanced True Colors seminar is offered only once a year. It is for teens who have taken True Colors at least once and are ready to step up to being leaders of their lives in a big way. These teens know the benefits available because Advanced True Colors builds upon their True Colors learning, insights and experiences. They are there committed, ready to create the maximum value possible!
Wings brings the 3-day Thrive seminar to your school, summer program, or church group. Having teens who already know each other experience Thrive together creates an exceptional opportunity for developing long-term benefits. The shared experience builds common understanding of values, goals, thinking processes, problem solving, communication, and relationship skills.