The seminar is held on location at your school or other facility, during regular school hours. It is a ‘mini-TRUE COLORS’ with the added benefit that the Teens have ongoing relationships for long term mutual support as they step up to being the leaders of their lives.WINGS brings the 3-day THRIVE seminar to your school, summer program, or church group. Having Teens who already know each other experience THRIVE together creates an exceptional opportunity for developing long-term benefits. The shared experience builds common understanding of values, goals, thinking processes, problem solving, communication, and relationship skills.

As Teens continue to support each other in healthy ways, the power of negative peer pressure diminishes. A group of Teens may even develop a common goal to continue to work together toward as they apply their new skills in their lives.

THRIVE can be tailored to highlight specific outcomes or issues of interest to your group, and is sure to bring a heightened level of awareness, focus, clarity, and meaning to the lives of your Teens.

December 14, 2007

I have had the honor of planning and participating in five Klamath Union High School, “Pelican Wings” seminars (Thrive). At the KUHS we targeted at-risk high school students by number of absences, grades, and discipline referrals. We used teacher referrals to weed out students who may not benefit from the program. Our follow-up data from students who completed the program showed excellent improvement in grades, attendance, and discipline referrals.

When Eagle Ridge Public Charter High was being organized I insisted on implementing “Eagle Wings” (Thrive). Our students consist of students who are not connected to school and who are not being successful in school. We planned to incorporate character education, technology, and project based learning in a small school environment. I believed that it was essential to do “Eagle Wings”. Of the 85 students who completed the program, led by Kris King, 85 are excelling at Eagle Ridge High School. 15 of the students refused to participate in the program and have decided to enroll in other schools. They were not able to function by the character code nor were they willing to participate by the rules in a small school environment. Our 85 students who completed the “Eagle Wings” are excited to do the program next year and want to mentor new students at Eagle Ridge H.S.

The program is excellent and I am a believer in the effect it has on students.

Coralee W. Fries,
Counselor, KUHS
Eagle Ridge Charter H.S. Board Member

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The seminar is held on location at your school or other facility, during regular school hours.

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3 Day Thrive Seminar (includes 3-4 hour training session with support staff the night before)

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