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Virginia Wolf: Wings scholarship supports transformation

Virginia Wolf

Virginia Wolf

Editor’s note: Virginia Wolf, who works at the Medical Eye Center in Medford, attended both the Personal Effectiveness Seminar and CrossOver thanks to encouragement from her friends and co-workers and with support from the Wings scholarship fund. Virginia generously agreed to share some ways she benefited from receiving scholarship support.

What motivated you to pursue this opportunity and apply for the scholarship? A few of my co-workers had attended a Wings seminar and spoke highly of their experiences.  One of them, who is also a close friend, forwarded me the scholarship application from Wings.  I remember wanting to feel more alive when I applied for the scholarship and when I thought about attending a seminar in general.  Receiving my scholarship to use toward PES was the gentle push I wanted to start my personal development with Wings. I am so grateful to have been awarded scholarships toward both PES and CrossOver.

What are some of the challenges you face in your life, and how has Wings assisted you to approach these challenges in new ways? As a full time working mother and wife, I used to struggle with taking care of myself first. My “story” was that doing things solely for myself would not be worth my effort. The night I returned from PES, I experienced the emotional and physical effects of filling my cup with love and self-respect. As an introvert, I thought that attending a four-day, emotionally charged seminar would leave me exhausted and wanting to withdraw from my family upon my return.  Instead, I was energized and wanted to be fully present with them. That night, as I lay in my children’s beds to say goodnight to them, the love and time I gave myself truly poured over as tender love and gratitude that I felt for them. Wings has helped me realize that I’m the most important person in my life.  “It’s about me, and that’s the good news.”

What has the impact been in your life of the work you have done with Wings? I prioritize self-care so that I feel whole, energized, and grateful to take care of my family. The work I’ve done with Wings helps me live out loud and trust myself. Although it’s not necessarily easier than before, I bravely take risks and speak my truth more often. Wings has also helped me notice my patterns of dependency and has helped me fully realize my desire to live life from the inside out.

Do you plan to continue your work with Wings? If so, where do you see your Wings journey taking you next? What else would you like to share on this topic? YES! I want to continue my work with Wings.  I am planning on attending LifeWorks in the winter to complete the core series and do not plan on stopping there. I would love to serve on an assist team, and a trip to Bali with Program Director Sherrie Frank sounds like the perfect 40th birthday present to myself. If you’re thinking about attending a Wings seminar, and/or donating to make a profound difference in someone’s life, just say yes.

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