WellBeing and Foundations of WellBeing: the differences explained

Salem Workman

I have attended WellBeing and have been on WellBeing teams more times than I can count. I am comfortable in the WellBeing room. I carry and use my WellBeing toolkit in my daily life. We are good friends by now. When I first heard about a new online seminar, Foundations of WellBeing, at the end of 2020, I did not think that it would be my seminar—I mean, I’d done WellBeing. We’re buddies. I signed up anyway because I missed Wings, and COVID had me longing for connection.

It was a game changer, and my experience in Foundations of WellBeing inspired me to share here to clarify the differences I see in these two seminars with similar names.

Here’s what’s important to know: Although the seminars use the same language and explore similar topics, they don’t cover the material in the same way. If you take Foundations of WellBeing first, you’ll get a great introduction to the concepts and a head start on the in-person seminar. If you take WellBeing first, as I did, in the online seminar you’ll reconnect to topics and learn new things about them.

I stepped into Foundations of WellBeing thinking that I understood my relationship with my beliefs and how they affect my view of the world. Boy, was I wrong. I found so many beliefs that I had no idea I held. I left the workshop holding myself with grace and letting go of beliefs that were no longer serving me, and with that I began to dance through this amazing world we inhabit with newfound freedom.

A section on avoidance and the curve of addiction was engaging and interactive and inspired me to go to work and face my fears! I set out to have “scary” conversations with leaders in my workplace that I had been avoiding. I quickly realized that in my fear-based reaction I was muzzling my tenacity and my amazing ability as an employee. I began to embrace and show up as my own audacious self and took steps toward creating a job that is truly my soul’s work. Now, amid change, I am thriving! I am speaking with courage and authenticity, stepping out from behind the false shield of avoidance and stepping into the true freedom of speaking my truth. Doing this every day feels amazing, hard, rewarding, and sometimes scary, all at the same time. I am actively involved in my path, creating it along the way. I am in my soul’s work and I am loving it!

My greatest surprise and growth from attending Foundations of WellBeing was deeper understanding and acceptance of myself. I had been telling myself “I am worthy”—heck, it is in the contract I wrote in CrossOver—and I realized through Foundations of WellBeing that I might be tricking myself. It quickly became clear that this was my learning. I found tools and knowledge to support my exploration and healing. I stepped into acceptance with this knowledge and healed wounds from my childhood and teenage years. I continue to overcome the obstacles of childhood abuse and trauma, and to hold my inner child as whole, capable, and loving. That work in healing my child self has brought confidence and beauty to my adult life. When I stepped out of unresolved trauma and into a world of healing, I felt like Dorothy leaving the tornado in The Wizard of Oz: Everything became colorful and beautiful. I still run into flying monkeys and even sometimes an evil witch. It can get dicey and scary, and yet I know that I am resourceful and have the tools to navigate the hard stuff. I can see the trauma for what it is, own it, and heal both my inner child and my adult self from it.

I am forever grateful for the deeper work and reflection that I received from Foundations of WellBeing.

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